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It was 2:37 and I was trying my hardest to get my dad to drive me to the South Park Mall, but, of course, he was refusing to be as quick as I would like him to be.
"Dad! I'm supposed to be at the Mall at... 3'o'clock and you're lagging!" I yelled as my dad sat on the couch, putting on his shoes ever so slowly.
"Hold on, Stan, sheez..." My dad zei with agitation, "What's going on exactly? Are u late for an appointment of what?"
"No! I just have to get there as soon as possible! My vrienden have been waiting for me."
"Alright, alright," My dad rolled his eyes and stood up. "Hey, u wanna stop...
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Some observations and analysis about Kyle on my favourite episode of South Park, the two-parter Cartoon Wars from season 10.

Cartoon Wars I and II

Personally, I think that Kyle's best momment on the toon was most probably Cartoon Wars I and II, he really shined in this two-parter.

At first, Cartman makes Kyle doubt his beliefs and opinions, through lies and faking care for the muslims, and get to the wrong conclussion because Kyle, unlike Cartman, actually cares, and Cartman, being not anywhere near as stupid as most people like to believe, knew this and used it to manipulate Kyle.

So there we...
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- Kyle´s house number is 1002.

- His e-mail adress is

- He could make Cuba free.

- He had his first kiss with Bebe in a truth-or-dare game.

- His mom is from New Jersey and it´s one of the reasons why Cartman bullies him.

- He is a fan of Family Guy.

-He can hit very hard, as Cartman had to find out.

- He wanted to burn the school down after the girls voted him the ugliest boy of the class.

- He killed Kenny.

- Kyle´s face looks like his father´s face, though his nose is like his mom´s nose.

- Cartman bullies Kyle because: he is a Jew, a Ginger and from Jersey. And his family has quite much money.

- He looked after Kenny before he had to die another time.

- Kyle can sing and play the guitar.

- He had a problem with his sense of rhythm.

- His character changed during the show.
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