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posted by doraaaayeah
Can u feel me in stereo? (3x)
Oh! Can u feel me in stereo?

This song let’s u in
Gonna get back down and up again
I got u on my side
It’s just a roller ride
It’s the truth, it’s a fact
I was gone and now I’m back yeah

(can u feel me in stereo?) 2x

I got soul u can check
In my heart, in my head
I got spirit, u can feel
Did u think I wasn’t real
I’m going back and forth and forth and back

(Can u feel me in stereo) 2x

I'm fierce and I'm feeling mighty,
I'm a golden girl, I'm an Aphrodite, alright,
Alright, yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm fierce and I'm feeling mighty,
Don't u mess with...
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 Kylie Minogue
Kylie Minogue
Kylie Minogue is a populair Australian entertainer, known for her pop songs. She first became an actress before she became known for singing. She used to play a role in the Australian drama entitled: "Neighbours", which gained fame not only all throughout Australia, but in the European continent as well. Now a world-famous superstar, songs such as 'Spinning Around', 'On A Night Like This' and 'Cant Get u Out Of My Head' have both reinvented her sound an launched her to international stardom.

Kylie Minogue has confirmed she will be touring throughout Europe and the UK during the early months...
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