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posted by electragarmadon
Misako's POV
i walked to lloyd's room and knocked "come in!" i walked into lloyd's messy pale green room and sat down on the bed volgende to him. "hi mommy" he smiled, he was in a adult body but was a child at heart, "honey.....i need to tell u something" i looked down shamefully because what i was about to tell him could easily break him, "son, u have a..." i just couldnt tell him! "a what? a brain tumor?! a monkey ?! a giant box of caNdy?!" he jumped up from his bed sheets exidedly i shook my head glumly "you....have a.....sister" i looked up at his shocked face...
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posted by GabbyRaptor
Never reeally wrote one of these before.... XD Hope u enjoy! :3

u had looked up from the book u were reading on the coach. (If not comic XD) To see A red faced Kai.
u tilted your head. "What's the matter Kai?" u asked. "Training gone bad again?" A small giggle escaped your lips but Kai.... he was not amused. Not one bit. He just glared at you. One serious face. Hes brown orbs stayed connected with u (e/c) ones.
"Okay,okay. What up? u seem upset....." u finally zei sighing.
"Upset? Upset?" his voice was getting higher....
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