Leona Lewis It's All For You/It's All 4 U

amandaj posted on Oct 29, 2007 at 06:27PM
Is this song hers? I've heard it , but i'm not sure if it's hers. Anybody who knows?
Is she giving out an album? If so i have to look for it in the stores :)
Does she have an official site or something?
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Leona Lewis 2 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden jessy-lu said…
you obviously are not from England lol
she is a massive star in England but she only brought one award winning album out so far, and she only brought that out around November 2007. and no that isnt one of her songs
een jaar geleden amandaj said…
ok, thanks for your reply.
But i think it's her song, because a lots of videos on youtube have that song, claimed to be by her. And I think it sounds like her, but maybe I'm wrong.

I've heard about her album now, but not when i posted this in oct.