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Uh, well, I know u love Jon/Robb so I decided to write u a super SHORT story lol. Idk exactly how to write a romantic story about them so I'm just going to write and u can interpret it anyway:P lol. love you. I guess this is sort of just Jon's reaction to Robb's death? idk. sorry it sucks.
Jon Snow shivered as the snow landed on him. He was keeping night's watch and kept rethinking back to the news he had gotten a couple of hours back.
"Robb's dead." were the two words that kept on going through his mind. He groaned and threw...
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UGHHHHHHHHH. I'm so pissed about this season finale. Words can't even began to explain how upset I am. JUST UGHHH. So I decided to do what I usually do when i'm upset about something on a show, right a ranting article:p Once again this is just me letting my frusterations out so if u don't agree with this I hope I don't offend u because this is purley my opinion.

Now I don't give a crap about who the hell Lilly ends up with, but the fact that she chose Bart over Rufus just baffles me! It was so random and out of the blue. The entire episode they keep mentioning how Lilly...
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 Beautiful Banjo♥
Beautiful Banjo♥

Hey baby doll♥♥ Happy 16th birthday baby!!!

Well, we all know Banjo as this crazy, funny, happy person♥ But she's also this amazing, caring, friend thats always there for u no matter what. Banjo has always stuck door me.{Props for that girly because I'm a hard person to be around:p}haha. she's always encouraging me to do the right thing and she always has faith in me. I can't even imagine my life with out this girl. I actually remember the first time I ever talked to Angi:0{Crazy right?}...
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 Leyton Family Musical:Celine♥
Leyton Family Musical:Celine♥
Song:Use Somebody:Kings Of Leon

*Bolded Part is what we feel fits Celine the best♥

I've been roaming around
Always looking down at all I see
Painted faces, fill the places I cant reach

You know that I could use somebody
You know that I could use somebody

Someone like you, And all u know, And how u speak
Countless lovers under cover of the straat

You know that I could use somebody
You know that I could use somebody
Someone like you

Off in the night, while u live it up, I'm off to sleep
Waging wars to shape the poet and the beat
I hope it's gonna make u notice
I hope it's gonna...
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 Leyton Family Musical:Kelly♥
Leyton Family Musical:Kelly♥
Song:I'll be there for you: Rembrandts

*Bolded part is the what we feel fits Kelly the best:)

So no one told u life was gonna be this way
Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's D.O.A.
It's like you're always stuck in seconde gear
When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, of even
your year, but

I'll be there for u
When the rain starts to pour
I'll be there for u
Like I've been there before
I'll be there for u
'Cause you're there for me too

You're still in bed at ten and work began at eight
You've burned your breakfast so far, things are going great
Your mama...
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posted by XxXrachellXxX
 As she looked over the town of Rosedell, the few-storey brick buildings, the trees, the shops, the square, the park, and the grey sky above...
As she looked over the town of Rosedell, the few-storey brick buildings, the trees, the shops, the square, the park, and the grey sky above...
*Please note that if your character wasn't in chapter 1, it doesn't mean he/she won't appear. Latest in the volgende chapter, we promise. Consider this chapter meer as a prologue chapter than anything else. It's quite short for that reason.*

Cast (in order of appearance in the chapter):
Irene Thorne/Evil Queen: Eva Green
Rachel Leslie: Lily James
Albie Collins: Lily Collins
Nicolas Grace: Topher Grace
Snow White: Ginnifer Goodwin
Tyler Hale: Tyler Hoechlin
Aline Morrison: Dianna Agron
James Ford: Josh Holloway
Maria Michele: AnnaSophia Robb
Celine Portman: Natalie Portman
Ian Salvatore: Ian Somerhalder
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posted by XNaley_JamesX
NOTE: layout not ready yet, as usual :P

Chapter 4: One Step Closer

“I have a surprise for you.” Richard zei while embracing his love. She was cooking breakfast for him, like she always did. It was something she would never stop doing.
“What kind of surprise?” Rachel queried.
“Can’t tell you.” he smirked.
“Oh come on! u can’t just tell someone u have a surprise for them like that and just leave it there. That’s just plain mean!” she complained.
Richard hated seeing her this agonized, but for some reason he couldn't stop smiling.
“I’m sorry but if I tell you, the surprise...
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posted by XxXrachellXxX
 "I do, but maybe you're too in love to notice them"
"I do, but maybe you're too in love to notice them"
Chapter 3: Colors and promises

Celine had been waiting door the phone for hours to hear the good news. How could she just not think about the fact that one of her best friend might just have gotten engaged to the man of her dreams?
"Why haven't they called yet?" Celine whined. It was already the volgende morning and Paul and Celine were at the breakfast tafel, tabel with Paul flipping through the newspaper.
"I'm sure they will when they have the time, darling", Paul smiled. "Stop worrying. I'm sure everything went as planned."
"But what if it didn't?"
"It did."
"But what if it didn't?" Celine groaned. "Do you...
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 results are up! Good luck <3
results are up! Good luck <3
Yeap, this thing is ready ♥

Winners List

#01; Nic & Maria (84 votes)
#02; Margot & Celine (71 votes)
#03; Rachel & Diana (64 votes)
#04; Atie & Bee (63 votes)
#05; ale & hulst, holly (56 votes)
#06; Laura & Rachel (37 votes)
#07; Moosh & Amber (34 votes)
#08; Laura & Bee (26 votes)
#09; hulst, holly & Atie (21 votes)
#09; Celine & Rachel (21 votes)
#11; Angi & Moosh (19 votes)
#12; Laura & Amber (18 votes)
#12; Moosh & Rachel (18 votes)
#14; Laura & Maria (13 votes)
#15; Celine & Nic (12 votes)
#16; Angi & Moosh & ale (11 votes)
#17; Angi & ale (9 votes)
#18; Aline & Ade (8 votes)
#18; Nic & Ade (8 votes)
#20; Rachel & hulst, holly (5 votes)
 Winners #1; Nic & Maria
Winners #1; Nic & Maria
 Winners #2; Margot & Celine
Winners #2; Margot & Celine
 Winners #3; Rachel & Diana
Winners #3; Rachel & Diana
 Winners #4; Atie & Bee
Winners #4; Atie & Bee
 Winners #5; ale & hulst, holly
Winners #5; Ale & Holly
posted by XxXrachellXxX
 They're so epic together that they even kick THG's ezel
They're so epic together that they even kick THG's ass
Yeah I sort of copied Peeta&Katniss, I had to. Sorry :P And no, art is not mine.


When Finnick Odair and Fatemeh Pierce were chosen as the tributes for District 4 in the 65th Hunger Games, the whole District celebrated. They were both amazing fighters, intelligent, good with survival skills, and quick thinkers. One of them would surely win.
But what no one could anticipate that during the games the two fell in love. It happened slowly. They agreed from the get go that they would be allies until the end. They had been vrienden before the games, so it seemed logical.
The arena...
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Note: Merry Christmas Ray! This fanfic is for u because you're an amazing, supportive, crazy, kind, and epic friend and I love you! This fic was inspired door a short film I saw (the name I can't remember) and while it is very romantic, I still hope u love it :)
Richard Madden as Richard “Rich” Madden
Sophie Turner as Rachel
Charles Dance as Rich’s boss

It was a windy December dag in the city of New York, as everyone was getting ready for their daily Monday routine. “Another day, another dollar”, thought Rich as he was waiting for his train to work at the office.
“Very windy...
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posted by XxXrachellXxX
 Aline & her man, basically <333 Go read the artikel now :P
Aline & her man, basically <333 Go read the article now :P
Now it's ALINE'S turn!

My favoriete things about her:

1) She's intelligent
- Aline is one of the smartest people I know. I don't think she believes me when I tell her that, but it's true. She's doing great in school, but her intelligence doesn't end with being booksmart. She's very practical, realistic and she has a great deal of common sense, and all these things make her the person that she is. Everything she says is well thought of and interesting, and I enjoy talking to her immensely.

2) She's badass
- Definitely! She could definitely kick ezel both verbally and physically, and I love her personality...
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posted by XxXrachellXxX
 Your men!
Your men!
I'm sorry if u don't agree with the endgame, but I really wanted to write u to end up with one of them, so I just chose one! I do ship u with both. Anyway, I hope it's okay! And it's your icon, obviously.


Ines never thought she'd find herself in such a mess. It had all started quite normally. She'd met a great guy named Klaus Mikaelson. He was funny, charming and handsome. They started dating, and quite frankly Ines was falling madly in love with him, until one dag she found out that he was a vampire. And a werewolf. As he tried to explain his true nature to Ines, she...
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posted by mooshka
Queen of Robb/Richard & Game of Thrones

HOLLY: Rachel, Rachel, Rachel! I feel like Rachel has seen me at my best and my absolute worst, and she still sticks door me so i figure she's pretty damn amazing! I really do love her, she's always there for me whether i need advice of just to chat. She's a really kind person who cares so much about everyone, i admire her very much. She's such a talented young woman, and i wish i had half of that talent!

ADE: u and I... There have been ups and downs I guess but what I keep with me is our ups. I've learned to know u for the past jaar and what I can...
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posted by Elbelle23
hallo guys.
So I thought I would write an artikel that introduces me. While I may have helped create this spot and been one of the old members, I can see how many new members that have been gained and new friendships have been created. So this is all about me 

I am a 20 jaar old girl all the way down under in Australia, however I am turning 21 at the start of August. I am a lover of boeken and can never seem to stop buying them and reading them, mention a book and it’s guaranteed that I would have read it :P I am very independent and I one dag dream of moving and living in England. I am at...
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Oh you....what do I say about youXD lmfao. No seriously, what do I say? :P I suck at words lol. Here I go XD...

How we beame friends!
Well, I usually start these artikels off door talking about how I met the person and how we became vrienden and all that other good stuff, but with u I can honestly say I don't remember lmao. We just sort of seemed to talk one day, click, and become super good vrienden and I love that<33 I feel like the best friendships are made that way! I just remember coming online one dag and seeing these two little newbies Nic & Maria making picks and I was like who...
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posted by XxXrachellXxX
 Go say your favoriete things about Jess!
Go say your favorite things about Jess!
It's JESS' turn! (and after this I am never writing anything ever again, my fingers are numb ;P)

My favoriete things about her: (I'm sorry if some of these are completely off, we haven't properly talked in generations, I just wanted to make one for u as well)

1) She's caring
- This I'm sure of. I know Jess is very important to many members here, and I've only ever heard good stuff about her. This is also proved in her coming back and immediately asking how everyone was doing. She cares, because that's the kind of person that she is, and I love that about her <3

2) She's passionate
- Yes!! I...
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posted by XxXrachellXxX
 Go read Nic's article! <3
Go read Nic's article! <3
Now it's NIC'S turn!

My favoriete things about him:

1) He's very funny
- Like Nad, Nic is incredibly funny and he always knows how to make any sort of situation humorous, and he's really good at cheering people up of lifting up a depressed crowd! I love that!

2) He's super sarcastic
- His Chandler Bing mode is very often on, and when it is, he really is the most sarcastic person I've ever met. And I'm not saying that as a bad thing, it's mostly hilarious and always witty, so it also shows that he's intelligent and capable of not taking himself too seriously.

3) He's very strong
- Like many of us, Nic...
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posted by XxXrachellXxX
 Pretty soon the news of an animal attack spread across town.
Pretty soon the news of an animal attack spread across town.
Cast (in order of appearance):
Aline Morrison/Ariana Pendragon: Dianna Agron
Rachel Leslie/Jaime Locksley: Lily James
Tyler Hale: Tyler Hoechlin
Nicolas Grace/Peter Pan: Topher Grace
Richard Stark/Prince Robb: Richard Madden
Theo Eaton: Theo James
Colin Jones/Killian Jones: Colin O'Donoghue
Ines Clarke/Ariel: Emilia Clarke
Sam Odair/Finnick: Sam Claflin
Holly Dobrev/Elsa: Nina Dobrev
Irene Thorne/the Evil Queen: Eva Green
Red Riding Hood/Scarlett Woods: Meghan Ory
Rana Mitchell: Shay Mitchell
Klaus: Joseph Morgan
Fatemeh Tonkin/Persephone: Phoebe Tonkin
Katie: Katie McGrath
Jess/Wendy Darling: Zooey Deschanel...
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posted by XxXrachellXxX
 Ade & Stiles <333
Ade & Stiles <333
It's short and it sucks, but I tried. Art is not mine.


Ade and Stiles had always been childhood sweethearts from the moment their parents had brought them together for a play datum at age 5. They became best vrienden in meer ways than one. There was a bond, a trust, a mutual love between them, but there were also these unspoken feelings that rose to the surface the first time when they were 14. A boy in their class had asked Ade to watch a movie with him and some of their other friends, and that had made Stiles jealous, even though he didn't quite recognize the feeling...
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