Leyton Family<3 My T.V toon opinions; which do u agree with the most?

Pick one:
All time favoriete show:Grey's Anatomy
toon that will always be close to my heart:One boom heuvel
toon that I recently gained interest in again:Nikita
toon that always keeps me guessing:Pretty Little Liars
toon I thought I wouldn't like but ended up loving:How I met your Mother
toon I thought I would like but ended up disliking:The Vampire Diaries
toon that I quit watching because it got boring:Desperate Housewives
toon that I quit watching because it got senseless:90210
toon that I used to love but ended up hating it door the end:Gossip Girl
toon with the most diverse characters/couples:Skins UK
toon that a lot of people hate but I still like:MTV Skins
toon that got cancelled and I will never understand why:Life Unexpected
toon that got cancelled at the worst time:Hellcats
toon that keeps climbing higher and higher on my list:Game of Thrones
toon that never fails to make me laugh:That 70's toon
toon that will forever be a classic:Friends
favoriete supernatural show:Charmed
Guilty pleasure show:Degrassi
favoriete Reality-TV show:America's volgende top, boven Model
Non-sitcom toon that makes me laugh:Gilmore Girls
toon that ended at the right time:The OC
toon that I started watching because of a certain actor/actress:Hart of Dixie
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