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SupernaturaRon posted on Apr 20, 2009 at 10:15PM
I want to start this post off saying only leytoners allowed.

Secondly, Lucas wrote two books for peyton, one entirely one partially, he satted in one book that when he saw peyton his life had meaning, he loves peyton's legs alot! and well... he has always loved peyto more, even when he was with brooke, he was just to nice of a guy to break the heart of the first guy Broooke loved.

well i personally think there is no comparison between the two. yeah Brucas had their cute moments in high school, but their love wasn't strong enough to make it OUT of high school. when i look at Brucas all i see is a physical relationship, i don't see them having the deep emotional connection that Leyton does. Leyton is clearly meant to be, and Brucas isn't. the only reason Brucas even first started talking was because Brooke practically forced herself on him. i don't know... and i just don't see how Brucas fans could honestly expect Brucas to get back together at this point, it wouldn't make any sense! BUT... that's just me!

the way i see it though, is that Leyton were the ones that were meant to be from the very first episode... and Brooke was the one that got in the way of them. so the whole time i was watching Brucas together, i just couldn't help but think to myself that it should be Leyton that was together, not Brucas. the whole idea of how Brucas got started is just sickening to me. Brooke was just all about sleeping with him, while Peyton wanted more than that. and yeah when Brooke and Lucas first started talking (the night they took care of Peyton after the college party), Brooke was being sincere and sweet, and actually wanted to TALK to Lucas... but then as soon as they started dating, she went right back to her usual self, just thinking about sex all the time. i just see them as being all physical, the rest of their relationship was spent by Lucas having to prove his love for her because even Brooke knew that they didn't have what him and Peyton had. Anyway if lucas gave a thought about brooke he would have called her at the airport. He would have wrote in a book that by seeing her his life had meaning.

bottom line... here are my reasons why it should be LEYTON, not Brucas

-he has wanted PEYTON since the pilot, he wanted nothing to do with Brooke, she practically had to force herself on him

-all Brucas ever did was fight because all throughout their relationship Brooke knew that she was constantly having to compete with what him and Peyton had

-Lucas CHOSE to save Peyton countless times Skills even said to Lucas "you didn't just happen to save her a couple of times, Peyton happened to be there. But you CHOSE to be there"

-Peyton's feelings for Lucas have always clearly been stronger than Brooke's, which is why in season 4 Brooke finally decided to step aside and let Leyton be together, because it was the right thing to do, they deserved to be with eachother

-Brucas was ONLY HIGH SCHOOL. they have been over for like 5 years now, and we haven't seen ANY romance between them since then... none!

-Lucas has written not just one, but TWO books about his love for PEYTON... how many books has Brooke gotten?

-Lucas has proposed not just once, but TWICE to PEYTON... how many proposals has Brooke gotten?

-in the season 6 premiere, the man asks Lucas "how did you know which one to pick?" and Lucas says "i guess i ALWAYS KNEW"... he has always known that Peyton was the one for him, no matter what previous relationships he has been in

-in season 4, when Brooke asked Lucas to go to the basketball banquet as FRIENDS (just to make Peyton jealous, i might add), both her AND Lucas acknowledged that when Whitey was making his speech about the love he had with his wife, he WASN'T talking about the love that Brucas had, which is why they officially decided that they were OVER

-what Lucas wrote in his first books says it ALL. "Suddenly it was as if the roar of the crowd, the echo of the final buzzer, and the cheers of my teammates were all sounding from a thousand miles away. And what remained in that bizarre, muffled silence was only Peyton, the girl whose art, passion, and beauty had changed my life. And in that moment my triumph was not a state championship, but simple CLARITY. The REALIZATION that we had ALWAYS been meant for eachother, and EVERY INSTINCT TO THE CONTRARY had simply been a DENIAL of the following truth... i was now, and would ALWAYS BE, in love with PEYTON SAWYER." Every instinct to the contrary INCLUDES HIM AND HIS FEELINGS FOR BROOKE!

-His love for Peyton kept him from dying! In season 4 after he had his heart attack, and Peyton was afraid to kiss him, he told Peyton "I didn't die, and do you know why? Because i had to come back, and look into those green eyes of yours, and tell you that i love you. I do Peyton, i love you. You didn't push me away, i came back for you. And as long as it takes, i'll wait for you"

-Everyone in the show even knows that Lucas should be with Peyton... EVEN BROOKE! Brooke has said countless times in season 5 and 6 that they should be together

i could go on and on... but those are just some of the main reasons why it should be Leyton, not Brucas

first of all.... everything about Leyton's history does apply to them now, because they're together... so all of their history still applies and is relevant because they still love eachother just like they did in high school. Brucas' history doesn't apply anymore, because it's not relevant. yeah you can talk all you want about Brucas' cute moments when they were together in high school, but you have to look at how they ended things. the note that they ended things on is the most important thing because that's the MOST RECENT state of their romantic feelings for eacother. it doesn't do any good re-hashing their past because since then, they've both acknowledged that they are romantically OVER... we haven't seen anything from them since then that says that those cute high school moments still matter. and the reason that Lucas has wanted Peyton since the pilot, is because he was just always drawn to her. and by wanted, i do mean that he wanted a relationship with her. no matter what the two of them do, they can't stay away from eachother. they both have moments where they seem to have moved on from one another, but one way or another their feelings for eachother ALWAYS come back into play... which just proves the fact that they are soulmates.

was a mess because of Lindsey and he was confused about his feelings, and hurt that Lindsey was dating someone else, so he was just looking for someone to take his problems and anger out on.. that's it. you can't honestly tell me that Lucas really hates Peyton, because that's just a joke. Would he have proposed to her TWICE if he hated her? No. And you saying that Lucas ALWAYS wanted Brooke isn't true either. You said that after he got Peyton in season 1, he still wanted Brooke... and that's not true at all. After Peyton FIRST kissed him in the hotel room, when he was with Brooke... Lucas went home and BROKE UP WITH BROOKE to be with PEYTON! But Peyton was the one that said they shouldn't be together because she couldn't do that do Brooke! if you'll remember correctly, after that kiss, Lucas kept trying to convince Peyton that they should be together... even when he was WITH BROOKE. But Peyton was hesitant about it because she didn't want to hurt Brooke. Lucas' exact words to Peyton about it were "Brooke is great... but she's NOT YOU". Call me crazy, but that means that when he's picking between the two... he wants Peyton... not Brooke! And again in season 4, after they won the state championship, Brooke said to Lucas "it's a dream come true, so who do you want standing next to you?" and he had the perfect opportunity to say Brooke, but he DIDN'T, he chose PEYTON! So just because we saw more of Brucas being a couple doesn't mean that Brooke was ALWAYS the one that Lucas wanted... because she clearly wasn't back then... and she STILL isn't! Once again, he had the perfect chance to call Brooke at the airport, but he DIDN'T, he called PEYTON!

i know but you ALSO said that Lucas ALWAYS wanted Brooke, even in season 1 after he got Peyton... which isn't true. He only wanted Brooke AFTER Peyton told him that they couldn't be together in season 1. and it doesn't matter that he wanted Brooke next to him the first time he was asked, what matters is who he wanted next to him in the END... and that's Peyton!

call me crazy but i think it's pretty obvious from season 1 that Lucas' first love was Peyton. he was absolutely infatuated with her, way before he even wanted anything to do with Brooke. he obvoiusly didn't love Brooke until they started dating... and after they DID start dating, Brooke found all those letters that Lucas wrote to Peyton talking about how she's "his forever" and everything... and those were written before Brucas!

me not knowing that he DID love Peyton in season 1 is the same thing as you not knowing that he DIDN'T love Peyton. you don't know that he didn't love her any more than i know that he did. i don't even know why that matters. no, people don't forget their first love. but i think it's pretty clear that NOW, he wants to be with PEYTON. like i said before, he has proposed to Peyton not once, but TWICE now. People saying that he still wants Brooke even though he has proposed to Peyton twice and written TWO books about Peyton is just absurd to me

kellyerin87, i just wanted to say that you are SO RIGHT about everything you've said about Leyton! you have hit every point dead on! everyone knows that Leyton has always been the IT couple of one tree hill. I think it's time that Brucas fans face the facts... and the fact is that Leyton is way better than Brucas! Brucas was all sex, fighting, lieing, cheating, insecurity, and denial. Brucas was just physical, Leyton was SO much more than that! so thank you for starting this topic because i've always wanted a forum that will let you say what you actually want to say! i could debate about Leyton vs Brucas all day... so Brucas fans... Bring it! ha

Despite my being a leyton fan, there's damning evidence about a point I wanted to share. I'm not in a debating mood, but I just wanted to respond to the claim about luke "not" loving peyton in s1. I'll paste what I wrote in the pick livelovelaugh made about luke loving peyton in s1:

****Luke always loved Peyton. He just didn't form it into words till 411. When he fought for peyton in 1.13, it wasn't out of lust or infatuation (that was brucas' relationship, which still left Luke wanting). When he said he couldn't bury what happened between them in the motel, & they kissed eachother, lyrics in the song [playing in the background] said: "I wanna know what it's like, on the inside of love..."
Mark is very careful & particular (he said it himself) with the music/lyrics he uses in each important scene. I know the lyrics weren't a coincidence and I know they weren't meant to be underplayed. Leyton's so called relationship/affair lasted for a blink of an eye, so they didn't have enough opportunity to say they loved eachother. They had just admitted their feelings in 1.13, then luke had his accident, then they ended it in 1.15 (despite the fact that Peyton admitted to Haley that she was in love with Lucas). Rushing into those exposing words of "I love you" (in such a short span of time) would have looked forced in their 2 episode affair (ppl wouldn't have taken it seriously, and it wouldn't have done leyton justice - those words would have been downplayed; dismissed if they were said so quickly).

Many also have missed an important fact about luke's words in his first book: "I was, now, and would always be, In love with Peyton Sawyer. The word "was" in that statement takes his love back to s1 and carries them all the way through the series. Think about it: When he said "I love you" in 411, they had JUST started going out. So those words weren't borne from leyton "getting to know eachother" as a new couple. They were borne from the simple clarity luke had in 409 (that flashbacked all the way back to s1 - "I'll be seeing ya"). Those words tell us that he's always loved Peyton.

I don't know how else to put it. Again, it's clear for me.****

1) i have every right to say that Brucas' history isn't relevant anymore... because as of right NOW, it isn't. No one knows 110% which couple will be endgame (even though if you have seen Mark's recent interviews, it's PERFECTLY clear that Leyton is the couple he wants), BUT the only way a couple's history is relevant, is if they are still together. So right NOW, Leyton is together, which means their history still applies. But Brucas... as far as their romantic feelings go, the LAST TIME they referred to those feelings was when they ended things, and officially decided that they were over... so no, since Brucas has been over for 5 years now, their history isn't relevant anymore and doesn't matter in the LEAST for the show NOW. IF Brucas becomes a couple again.. then we can talk about their history because it would actually make sense to do so. But for now, it's simply just that... HISTORY, and it's just a waste of time to refer to it at this point

2) i'm sorry but, YOU CANNOT HONESTLY TELL ME THAT LUCAS TRULY HATES PEYTON!!!!! no matter how much you say that "people always tell the truth when they're drunk"... there is absolutely NO way you can tell me that Lucas was telling the truth when he said that. If you hated someone, why on EARTH would you confess your love for them to the world by writing TWO books about them, and tell that person that you want to spend the rest of your life with them by proposing TWICE?!?! i'm sorry, but that "i hate you" means absolutely NOTHING and the fact that you Brucas fans are actually using that as a point against Leyton is a complete joke because you KNOW that he didn't mean it

3) you saying that "there are more Brucas fans" is TOTALLY inaccurate! there is NO possible way that anyone could know which fanbase is bigger. no matter how many website you go on, or how many polls you see, each website has a different number of fans for each couple. just like one website may happen to have more Brucas fans, another website may happen to have more Leyton fans. there is no OFFICIAL way to know which couple has more fans.. it's just impossible. and while YOU say that Brucas has more fans, I would say that Leyton has more fans by far (surprise, surprise, ofcourse people are going to say/think that the couple that THEY root for has more fans). So bottom line... you don't know anymore than i do which couple has more fans, no one knows.

4) you say that i need to watch the show over with an open mind, then maybe i'll see that Brucas is meant to be? um well this may come as a shock to you... but when most people first START watching a show, they usually DO have an open mind, because they don't know anything about the show, so why wouldn't they? so no, i don't need to watch the show over, because like people usually do... i STARTED the show with an open mind the first time

5) even after seeing Brucas in season 2 and 3, ofcourse they did have an emotional connection, no one can deny that... but every time i see them, i still can't look past the MAINLY physical connection that they had. so while they WERE involved romantically, i still think the physical part dominated most of their relationship. and if you'll remember... in the season 6 premiere, in the dream scenes... each dream scene included subtle hints about the couples. and in the Brucas dream scene, they talked about how they never see eachother, then Brooke said "makes coming home kind of sexy though"... implying that YES, their relationship was just mainly physical!

6)AGAIN, you saying that Leyton was "supposed to be the meant to be couple but they still don't have enough fans" is ALL YOUR OPINION! and it's funny that you mention "cheating" with Leyton. Them (well Lucas, Peyton never cheated) cheating on OTHER PEOPLE with EACHOTHER... isn't a point against Leyton, if anything, it's FOR them! The fact that Lucas cheated on both Brooke AND Lindsey with PEYTON, says something! Lucas never cheated on Peyton with anybody... he never had to because he didn't need anyone else other than Peyton! and the fact that they fell in love with other people doesn't mean a single thing, because in the end, they came back to EACHOTHER! all past relationships don't matter in the least as long as they come back to eachother in the end, like they have... which proves even more that they are meant to be!

i'm not even going to bother responding to your points because every single thing you just said makes NO SENSE! all you did was repeat what you said in your first reply to me... which i have already argued. if you don't agree with what i replied with, then that's fine... but i stand by every bit of it. everything that i argued back with, i feel like all you said was "that's not true" and "that's your opinion", but you didn't say anything from the SHOW that supports that fact that i'm wrong.

and no, i STILL don't think the fact that Lucas said "i hate you" means a single thing! and you act like he's gone back and forth so many times between hating her and loving her, and that's not true in the least. if i remember correctly, that is the ONLY time he has said that he hated her, and again, we ALL know that that was just a complete joke. and yes, Mark would put that in there for a reason... to add a twist and throw everybody off! he wouldn't have Lucas go back the VERY NEXT episode and take it back, if he really meant it! AND again, he wouldn't have Lucas PROPOSE to her, if he really hated her... what sense does that make?

and as far as Lucas loving other people and Peyton loving other people (whoever said it)... that does NOT matter!! all that matters is their love for eachother! 90% of people love more than one person in their life... that's just part of life. and AGAIN, as long as they come back to EACHOTHER in the end... that's all that matters! and whoever made the comment about Lucas loved Lindsey, Peyton loved Jake, and Brooke ONLY loved Lucas... are you serious??? just becuase you didn't SEE the Love between her and Chase, doesn't mean it wasn't there. They CLEARLY TOLD eachother that they loved eachother... you don't need any more proof than that... you obviously just DIDN'T WANT to see it.

and oth-brucas4ever, PEYTON DID NOT SAY NO in LA! if you actually watch the episode, she says that she WANTS TO MARRY HIM, just not right then! i'm so sick of people saying that she said no, because it's perfectly clear that she didn't! Lucas was just pouting because he wasn't getting exactly what he wanted, when he wanted it for a change, so he acted like a 5 year old and left (which he later clearly regretted in season 6, i might add, becuase he proposed AGAIN).

and back to saBRUCAS, you saying that "a couple that cheats and makes the same mistakes over and over again is NOT meant to be", that doesn't make any sense! if they were constantly cheating on EACHOTHER, then yes... i would say they're not meant to be. But they always cheated WITH eachother, BIG DIFFERENCE! That means that no matter who Lucas was with... he couldn't stay away from PEYTON! How can you possible use that against them??

And you Brucas fans need to get your story straight. One second you say that Peyton was an awful friend to Brooke for "going after Lucas", then the next... you're bashing on the fact that in season 1 Peyton "said no" to Lucas... she did that to be a GOOD FRIEND TO BROOKE! you all are never happy! she tries to be a good friend to Brooke, and you nag on her for not really wanting to be with Lucas and saying no to him, THEN she wants to be with Lucas, and you nag on her for not being a good friend to Brooke... you can't have it both ways!

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okay a short question (i am not a Leytoner and i can say i like Brucas more don't ask me why)but why did you made this post just for Leytoner ?so all Leytoners to say wow you are right , a post is made so share opinions so you can't say this is a post since you let only people who agree with you on it.