Leyton vs. Brucas Just choose one already!!

Saul_Mikoliunas posted on Feb 01, 2008 at 08:16PM
Not you guys, the writers.
Now I have read alot of spoilers and to be honest I think the writers have realized that they are screwed. Whoever they end Lucas up with, they will make the opposing fans sooooo mad so I think they are trying to reach a compromise by putting him with Lindsay but still having hope for Leyton (as seen in the last episode) and Brucas (as seen in the next episode)
I am just really sick of this whole debate and while I do have a preference I wish the writers would just pick one and stick to it.

So here is my question. WOuld you rather have say 2 more seasons of the L-BPL triangle (I guess it's a square now)or have the writers decide on one couple now and put the drama into something other than the triangle (square)

P.s. don't just add Leyton 4ever or Brucas forever, I don't mind who you want him to end up with I just want to know that I am not the only one who is irritated about 5 seasons of LPB drama.

P.p.s. if you have the chance to read spoilers about season 5, DON'T!!!! It will be so much better if you watch the twists unfold.

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een jaar geleden ClaireB58 said…
I think they should trail it on until maybe half way through the season, then choose!
een jaar geleden lizisme said…
i agree with you i think their going to comprimise and peyton will get lucas and brooke will have his baby (which i think is totally messed up and hate the idea) but ive read some spoilers that said that

but i wish they would just pick one and get it over with
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een jaar geleden Saul_Mikoliunas said…
Oh my gosh I read that spoiler too and I also think it's totally messed up!! I mean I love OTH but I just don't see Brooke wanting a baby with her ex and not with some guy she falls in love with and marries. Especially not at 21.
een jaar geleden Chlarkfan said…
Agree with all of you!! I think they should trail it out a little longer and then choose and Brooke wanting a baby and not getting together with him is MESSED UP! i love brooke SOO MUCH but if she wants his baby she should be with lucas as a couple!
een jaar geleden Leyton4ever said…
It doesn't necessarily bother, I love season 5 actually i think it's a great season. But I would like to see the writers choose for once. Even if its not leyton or brucas, choosing would be nice. Since the characters aren't in high school anymore there is so much more they can do with them then have these love triangles.

Obviously my preference would be for Leyton, but I'd also rather if not Leyton than to have Lucas and Lindsey only because I think they have a better relationship than brucas ever did.

and this whole thing with brooke wanting to just have lucas's baby, that has to be the worst story line ever, i think that is beneath even brooke's character, and I would be beyond annoyed if Lucas agreed, to me that would be out of character for Lucas(even when it's brooke asking)