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posted by lucius_malloy
------------------ WARNING: MATURE CONTENT -------------------

A/N: This is my first time writing smut (though not my first time writing LJ) so please no harsh reviews okay? I'm trying my bestest ;)

Here, Let Me Help u With That

Quidditch practise had been long and hard, and James was tired when he made his way back to the Heads' Common Room that night; tired but not overly exhausted and looking vooruit, voorwaarts to spending the evening with Lily. They had agreed on a quiet night in – after two months of him dragging her around the castle, tonen it to her in ways she had never seen before (and making...
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You're walking down the draughty corridors in silence, but it isn't exactly an awkward one... meer like loaded. u can feel him walking volgende to you, back straight, staring vooruit, voorwaarts in a way that seems almost forced. u can feel him, but u can't see him, because u too are keeping your gaze fixed on a point somewhere far in front of you, and when that fails, determinedly looking anywhere but at him. You're still somewhat mad at him, and you're quite sure that he's mad at u (because he has every right to be) but the pair of u are Head Students, so u have to patrol, whether u want...
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The Years of Lily and James Part 3

Summary:Lily plans a Ball and James won's the quitdditch match during the 5th year.

Year 4

It was Lily's 4th jaar at she wanted to plan a ball for she went to professer Dumbledor and asked him if she could plan it.

"Proffesser Dumbledor",Said Lily coming into his office.

"Aw,Lily, Can i help you?"Asked Professer Dumbledor.

"Yes, Proffesser",Said Lily walking up to him."I was wondering if we can have a ball on christmas?"

"Well that sounds like a good idea Lily",Said Proffesser Dumbledor."But u know u got to hang out flyers and find a place to decorate it."

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TItle:The Years of Lily and James /Part 1

Characters:Lily,James,Severus,Sirus,Remus,And Many More

Summary:It is the first jaar of Hogwarts for First Lily meets up with Severus door this Makes vrienden with Sirus and he meets will Lily fall in love with?Find out.

Chapter 1:Prologue

It was during the summer and everybody had a thing to do.

"Mamma",Said a little girl with long red hair.

"What?"Asked the mom.

"Can me and petunia go to the park?"

"O.k.,Lily,Just be home pagina door dinner."


Lily had on a summer dress hair was long and she had the most amazing green eyes.

Petunia was her also had on a summer she...
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The Years of Lily and James Part 2

Summary:It is Lily and James 2 and 3 jaar at James is driving Lily crazy

Year 2

It was almost time to go back to hogwarts for her and her mom went to Diagon Alley to get her school supplies.

When they got there, Lily saw Severus she ran up to him.

"Hi, Severus",Said Lily.

"Hi, Lily",Said Severus Giving her a hug.

Just then James and Sirus came around the corner.

"Hey, Snivilles",Said James."Lay off My girlfriend."

Then Lily turned around And Said,

"For your information Potter, I am not your girlfriend."

"Yes, u are",Said James.

But Lily got red in the face and told...
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posted by lucius_malloy
in which A is a slightly tipsy James,
B is the bright idea of going sleeën, rodelen and
C is some ridiculously adorable fluff.

You're sitting in the Gryffindor common room, something u do quite often on Saturday afternoons, and attempting very diligently to do your homework while simultaneously watching the Marauders, well, be Marauders – an activity which tends to be quite loud and, if Sirius is in the room, slightly graphic at times, and therefore very distracting from homework, even if zei homework is a most interesting Charms essay. You'll turn your head down, scribble down a few words, and...
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posted by lilylove89
L=Love, Which she is pure with love.
I=Independent, Which she was always.
L=Lily, Which that's her name.
Y=Young, Which she will be always young.

A=And , which that's the middle word.
N=Nice, which they both were.
D=diamond, which was lily's engament ring.

J=Joker, Which he was.
A=Attitude, Which he had.
M=Magic, which he is a wizard.
E=exicted, which means happy.
S=Sweet, which he was at the end.

P=please, which means please don't do that.
O=Other, which means the other person.
T=Terric, which means they both were
T=Terrified, which means they both were.
E=Everlasting, which means everlasting love
R=rest, which means rest in peace.
posted by lilylove89
Title:The Valentine's dag dance


Summary:It's Valentine's James and Lily fall in Love.

"Wake up",Said Mary throughing a hoofdkussen, kussen over Lily's head."You"ll Be late for breakfast and classes."

Mary was tall and always wore her black hair had brown eyes.

"O.k.",Said Lily getting out of bed.

Lily was tall and thin she always wore her red hair up in a wore make up that matched her green eyes.

So they went downstairs for breakfast.

When breakfast was went there different Lily went to the girls prefect class and Mary went to a different class.

"As u know today is valentine's day",Said Ravenclaw Prefect."And...
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