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Lolita (book & movie) Which movie adaptation do u like better?

16 fans picked:
 MrsWormtongue posted een jaar geleden
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lilith84 picked 1997:
I just love Jeremy Irons :)
posted een jaar geleden.
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_Victoria picked 1997:
I like both, but I think Adrian Lyne's version is better. And I love Jeremy Irons, so it is obvious why I choose the adaptation of 1997 haha.
posted een jaar geleden.
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Moviegirl80 picked 1997:
The 1997 movie with Jeremy Irons
posted een jaar geleden.
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Humbert-Humbert picked 1997:
Ms. Swain was the little heart-breaker that Lolita was suppose to be. She played the role perfectly. More so then Sue did,. IMO. And yes,. I agree with the girls also,. about Jeremy,. I wouldn't pick any other to be Hum. His infatuation with her was sincere and light hearted,.. made me feel good about it all.
posted een jaar geleden.