Lovely Complex (Love*Com) Awesome! :D

rachell_32 posted on Aug 08, 2008 at 03:52AM
So i just wanted to share that I finished watching all the episodes of Lovely Complex online, & I loved it! It's one of my favorite shoujo animes now!

It was cute, and I love 'love' stories. Plus I found times where I was laughing hyterically.

So does anyone recommend any animes like Lovely Complex? Romance/Comedy? I've seen Peach Girl, btw.

Thanks :)

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een jaar geleden k4rup1n said…
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een jaar geleden Zina17 said…
try fruits basket
een jaar geleden Magicuser said…
oh yes watch fruba (fruits basket)!!!!!! i also (as of today 4-4-10) finished watching lovely complex