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Alice and Tarrant (the hatter) becoming a couple seems like a crazy idea, but crazy is typical for the Alice in Wonderland franchise? Lots of people want these 2 characters to become a couple, but should they?

The Alice from the 2010 and 2016 films is a young adult so pairing her with Tarrant wouldn't be that messed up, but it would be weird. In the films Alice and Tarrant are very close friends. Plus neither of them have a boyfriend of girlfriend.

However I don't think Alice and Tarrant are meant to be a couple. I think they're meant to be best friends. They have a special connection, but I...
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posted by shenelopefan
First of all: This is not mine, this is an opinion artikel that I found in Live Journal and "princessatta" wrote it... Please read, it`s very interesting


Sometimes there are ships which defy all logic and are nonsensical. They transcend all time and translation. Or, in the case of Alice Kingsleigh and Tarrant Hightopp of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, Time is killed altogether so that the ship can have a chance! Welcome to the ship that is Hatter/Alice (or Halice).

A Little History Behind Them

The idea of shipping Alice and the Mad Hatter is most indeed one that is curiouser and...
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