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posted by Punkchick1061
For all u Original Magiacal Do Re Mi fans, u know so well that there were originally three girls - Dori, a clumsy pink-headed girl who loves to eat, Miriaelle (Who i idolized when i was in first grade and named my stuffed rabbit after), a country girl with spirit, a harmonica, and the cutest blue hair. Then there's Renee, th smart, preppy-styled girl with the most adorable eyes. It seems soem new characters have been added, which i don't know the names of. I love anime, and even though i've graduated from elementary school, Magical Do Re Mi is so cute and I love it! Become a fan of mine and never miss anything Do Re Mi!
posted by pokecaiti
Pokemon has not been airing any episodes on Saturdays! What I think is there is maybe a marathon of movie of something like that! Maybe Pokemon will stopped being aired! I can't believe this! Check out for episode infomation and maybe you'll find out why the episodes haven't been airing! Also pokemon may have a 1 uur marathon so maybe thats why. Well if anyone knows why, please tell me! I need to know why because I love pokemon and I like watching the episodes! Pokemon is almost my life and I liked it since I was 7. Please I need to know because I can figure things out for all u Pokemon fans including me, not just me and every Pokemon fan, but everyone in the U.S.!