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posted by mandys76
I always thought boys were weird unlikable stupid but all of that change until i got to 5th grade until then everything about boys changed but not the whole opinion. But still i got the feeling that i got loved back for some reason i got shy and red but i never thought i would like a boy of feel shy about him even though he was older taller and weirder doesnt mean i can like him but i did but i didnt know how!!!!!!!!!!!! Still i never got my eye off him but when he turned i did of i waved he always smiled back of played jokes on me but i cant understand why he liked me of why i liked him but how come??!
posted by mandys76
Hi!!!!!!!!! i'm gonna give facts about me first of all my name is Samantha Alias i have green eyes and brown hair i am 17 years old i have 5 bros and 3 sis i am the oldest of my sis and the youngest from my bros.I am not that populair at school i'm a nobody as u may call :P but i still have a great time at school my vrienden love and care about me and so do the boys in my class room well thats all i gotta say now about me oh and MANDYS76 is my FAKE name ^^ oh and i speak to much and i always text for a long lon g long long long long long time lolz but i love my phone thats why XD so yeah i love my spirit dag at school and i dont give up :D