Mark Wahlberg Mark, his Catholic faith and his films

Henry6k posted on Mar 08, 2020 at 01:24PM
I am a fan of Mark's movies. He seems to pick the right ones for his style and personality. I am also impressed that he does not hide the fact that he is a practicing Catholic who goes to daily mass and has a prayer life. This is unique in Hollywood.
As a practicing Catholic myself I was surprised and saddened when I watched his latest movie - Spenser Confidential. The movie itself was very entertaining but I will never understand why he had to have the unnecessary raw washroom sex scene. It did nothing to move the story line forward. I am not sure if Mark reads these posts but my question to him is "Why?". The movie can stand on its own merit without the gratuitous sex scene. Mark could have a greater impact on young people especially those trying live out their faith like Mark by working by the standards of faith he professes. Come on Mark, you are better than this. Think about the young adults watching this movie. What is the message that is being sent to them.

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