Mason Forever! Getting To Know Me vragen (For Mallomar)

Sk8er__grl posted on Aug 19, 2014 at 01:06AM
I'm doing an interview with MalloMar for his fanniversary *Throws confetti* and I need to know what to ask her. Thanks!

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een jaar geleden snsdlover4ever said…
Oh whoops, I already asked her questions, and said I was doing an article about it.
You could help me though! These are the questions I asked:

How do you feel spending two years on Fanpop?
What made you sign up?
Who was the first person to fan you?
Which princess caught your eye before realizing Mulan and Tiana were your favorites?
Write a message to your family at the DP club!

Any more questions you would like to ask?
Sk8er__grl commented…
Oh really? I already messaged her and zei on the board I was going to do it for her. I already started working on the artikel :0 een jaar geleden
snsdlover4ever commented…
Oh, I saw. I wanted to ask u if I could help afterwards, since I think 1 would be enough. een jaar geleden
Sk8er__grl commented…
Okay :) een jaar geleden