Mason Forever! Mason Role Playing!

avatar_tla_fan posted on Aug 28, 2014 at 01:03AM
So here's how it works.

We do some role play. For example..

We'll all pretend we know each other in real life, and we'll set up dates and stuff.

Okay, here's the fun part, we get to choose our names, what we look like, and how we act.

After you decide, and tell us, those three things, we'll begin the role play!

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een jaar geleden avatar_tla_fan said…
I will be Mares.
I will look like Cinderella. :3
And I will be very annoying.
een jaar geleden misscindyspice said…
I will be Darby :))
I will look like Anna.
And I will eat lots of apples.
een jaar geleden snsdlover4ever said…
I will be Jaira.
I will look like Poca (or Mulan, but I already look like her)
I will be sarcastic and sassy, while being what people define as "normal."
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een jaar geleden cinderella44 said…
I don't know lol
een jaar geleden fanlovver said…
I will be Anna.
I will look like Rapunzel (with blue eyes)
And I will be twerking while being cute and funny.
een jaar geleden avatar_tla_fan said…
Okay, Elana and Olivia have not participated yet, I'll alert them, and then we will start the role play!
misscindyspice commented…
What about Hajirah? een jaar geleden
avatar_tla_fan commented…
Has! een jaar geleden
avatar_tla_fan commented…
Yas* een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden misscindyspice said…
Huzzah! :D