Mason Forever! The gebruikersnaam Contest!

avatar_tla_fan posted on Sep 16, 2014 at 11:37PM
Okay, so you choose an original username YOU have made, for each Mason shipper.

Submit them here.

~For these users. ~

Submit them here. Deadline is soon. I'll let you know later.

This will be turned into a poll when every user who wishes to enter has entered, with one poll at a time for each user. For example, I will list all of the usernames for Olivia in one poll.

~Do NOT vote for yourself, I'll be checking your polls.~

Have fun! I'll post my usernames later. :3

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een jaar geleden snsdlover4ever said…
Mary- MyAvatarIsMASON
Olivia- POTATOlivia
Darby- OnceUponALifeTime
Hajirah- ObsessiveOtaku (since she said she is one)
Elana- IceCreations
Anna- PocaHottness
Jaira- multicoloredfandoms
Jason- MarriedtoMary
Liz- CindyCrazed
last edited een jaar geleden
avatar_tla_fan commented…
The usernames yaasssss. een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden misscindyspice said…
Mary- MademyownShipName
Olivia- TheRealGrammarNazi
Darby- PrincesswithaTARDIS
Hajirah- thecap'sdamnhair
Elana- frozenfractals
Anna- LocaPoca
Jaira- fandomandrandom
Jason- onehalfofMASON
Liz- shatteredslippers44
last edited een jaar geleden
avatar_tla_fan commented…
Actually Hajirah made the ship name. But great usernames! een jaar geleden
misscindyspice commented…
misscindyspice commented…
but thanks XD een jaar geleden