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posted by annabethxchase
yet another sad fic

Mello and I sat on the sofa staring at the blank computer screen. I could tell Mello was nervous about what we were going to do. Knots twisted in my stomach, there was an 80% chance we would die, actually probably higher.

Mello went to take a bite from his chocolate but set it down on the table.

"You sure u wanna do this?" I looked up at the blonde and smiled.

"I was born ready Mel" mello held the rosary around his neck, tight. He always played with it when he was nervous.

"And you're not afraid of dying? Matt we may not make this!"

"I know Mel but we have to try" I picked up...
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posted by WammysBoyzRock
A teenage L, a 6 jaar old Matt, and a middle aged Watari, walked into the little country on the corner of the straat 5 blocks fro Wammy's.

"Sorry, Matt. I know the interview viered off track but I needed to get ore cake," L said, smileing down at Matt a little. Matt just nodded shyly and continued to play his gameboy.

They started heading toward the desert isle when Matt bumped into a snobby looking lady.

"Ugh! Whose bloody brat is this!" she shouted in her thick british accent. Matt took a few steps away fro her but ended up bumping into a bunch of other people who were just as rude.

"Watch it,...
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posted by annabethxchase
i guess this one isnt sad this time :D

Hey guys i'm Matt,

I was born in England in 1990 on February 1st. My parents were killed when i was young which resulted in me been brought up in Wammys House. At the moment im the third successor of L, the worlds bestest detective. Mello, who is the seconde sucsessor of L, is my best friend and has been since i was brought to Wammys. He is determind to be the first successor to L but Near has that title, and Mello is not a happy bunny about it. I guess ive had a hard life, growing up with people who only want to study and watching my parents been killed...
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posted by annabethxchase
a little sad fic for matt.

Mello had always been your best friend.

The only one to see u cry, the first to make u smile when u arrived, the only one to welcome u as a friend.

He was the one who whispered 'its okay, i'm here' through the tear filled nights

The one who knew what u feared,

What made u laugh,

And what made u hurt.

The one person that actually cared for u and u cared for him.

Like brothers, just closer.

And now that hes gone, you're breaking.

Disappearing in the early morning then not returning.

You blame yourself.

If u hadn't lost your temper, if u had just listened to...
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