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boldSo first of,Madoka is the student council in the school.Hikaru is the nurse.Gingka is the class-representative.Kyoya is the Bad Boy Type.Tsubasa is the calm guy,Yuu and Kenta are the cute ones. Masamune is the class clown.Ryuga is the quiet bossy one.Hyoma is the Sweet-Talker.Nazumi is the Flirting one.(Lol..made my own girl is Kyoya's assistant.Yuuki is the one who sharpens pencil's.The China Team...are the Newspaper People.Nile and Demure are hall inspectors.Sophie and Wails are Gym Asistants.Klaus and the other guy..who i dont know are the Recess guys.Alexie is the...
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episode 8
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Part 1
''Where in heavens are we?'' asked an angry Kyoya
''Don't look at me lion-boy!It was your idea to open this damn door in the first place!''Ryuga was about curse meer until.
Me:Hiya Guys! Before u ask me whatever-''
Ryuga:Who the hell are u?
Me:me?I'm the one who invtited u here..Didn't u see the sign on the door?
Gingka:I knew it!That's why our names were written on it..Kyoya this all ur fault!
Kyoya:Screw u people!
Me:Are u done with the cursing?
Kyoya:YES!'re in my Truth of Dare show!
Ryuga:What's truth of dare?
Me:You've got to be fuckin' kidding me!
Kenta:Liar! u know what's Truth...
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Madoka:You guys...we need to get ready for the school musical!
Nazumi:Musical? Since when?
Kyoya:Yeah....its in a few weeks.
Madoka:Nazumi,Kyoya,Hikaru,Me,Gingka,and the others are gonna sing.
Nazumi ur the lead singer!
Nazumi:WHat?!?! I dont wanna!
Kyoya:You sing great!
Maria:Im I in it?
Madoka:Yeah...Celia too!
Nazumi:Hand me the mic! Everyone were practincing!
Kyoya:*Hands her the mic*
*music starts*
Nazumi:Can u see me,Cause im right here
Can u listen.cause ive been trying to make u notice
what it would mean to me
to feel like somebody
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 Nazumi Amano
Nazumi Amano
Girls Locker Room
Madoka:I hope the "date" will be fun!
Hikaru:Yeah.......Nazumi needs some "time" out..*giggles*
Nazumi:stop it guys! Its just a friendly dinner!
Mei Mei:Oh really?Is it that u have a crush on him!
Nazumi:Stop it! Kyoya is the one i one else!
Celia:Zeo is Hawt! Kyoya is Hotter..but Tsubasa is the hottest!
Hikaru and Nazumi:No...Kyoya is the
Mareia:Ryuga is hotter than them,but i agree with Nazumi and Hikaru!

Meanwhile........The boys are in the locker room!!!
Yuu:*listening to music*
Kyoya:*shirtless with a towel around his neck*(Sexy.....I...
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 Met Bey
Met Bey
Kyoya:Stupid Ryuga!
Nazumi:Kyoya! Are u okay? I was worried about you!
Kyoya:Yeah im fine
Nazumi:You need to be careful volgende time.You could get expelled!
Kyoya:I know.......but they need to stop and so do you! *evil stare*
Nazumi:Fine i will!
Kyoya: Promise?
Kyoya:Good!*hugs her*
Nazumi:8giggles and squeezes him*
Kyoya:Now lets go of well be late!
Ryuga:Well if it isnt Mister bad boy
Kyoya:Shut it Bossy-pants!
Ryuga:I was wondering of u would have a bey match with me?
Nazumi:dont Kyoya!
Kyoya:Dont worry......Its just a bey match
Hyoma:Mee have to pay me back!
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Episode titles:

NOTE: In this season,all the episodes started from episode 52

52.Exploring a Legend
Densetsu wo motomete

53.The Persistent Challenger
Fukutsu no charenjaa

54.A New Challenge
Arata naru chousen

55.Ticket to the World
Sekai heno kippu

56.Decisive Battle! Leone VS Aquila
Kessen! Reoone VS Akuira

57.Rise, to the World
shouke, sekai he!

58.The Celestial Bey Temple
Tenkuu no Bei rinji

59.The Third Guy
Daisan no otoko
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Episode List

1. Pegasis Has Landed!
Maiorita Pegashisu!

2. Leone's Fangs!
Reoone no kiba!

3. The Wolf's Ambition!
Vorufu no yabou!

4. Charge! stier Power!
Tosshin! Buru pawaa!

5. Vengeful Cancer
Fukushuu no Kyansaa

6. Aquario's Challenge
Akuario no chousen

7. It's Our Special Move! Sagittario
Hissatsu Tengi da! Sajitario
必殺転技だ! サジタリオ

8. Merci's Dangerous Trap
Merushii no kiken na wana
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