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 michael upset as he walks into the theatre....
michael upset as he walks into the theatre....
Michael walked into the theatre to contiue watching meer acts. As he entered Berry gordy notice that michael didnt look too happy, he instantly knew why. "Michael...whats wrong?" Berry asked. Michael shook his head. "Michael its rebecca isnt it?" Berry asked. Michael nodded. "Mike if she makes u unhappy why are u with her?" Berry asked. "I dont know berry, i really dont." Michael zei shaking his head. Berry thought for a moment. "Say mike why dont u ask Leanna on a date...she seems like a sweet girl." Berry sugguested. Michael let out a nervous laugh. "No...i dont think so...she doesnt...
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 Michael and Tatum at the party
Michael and Tatum at the party
For two weeks Michael tries to call hulst, holly and apologize for what he said, but she won't answer his calls. Michael becomes depressed and sad, but he tries not to toon it but everyone knows there is something wrong.

One dag Michael is in his living room watching the "three stooges" on tv, the phone rings. Michael quickly antwoorden thinking its hulst, holly calling him back. He answers. "Hello!" It turns out Its not hulst, holly but Tatum o'Neal. "Hi Michael its me Tatum!" "Oh yes how nice to hear from you." "You to, listen I was wondering if u would like to go to a party with me tonight?" "Gee I don't know?"...
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