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Nearly seven months after Michael Jackson's death stunned the world, the official investigation of his death is edging toward conclusion with prosecutors prepared to seek an indictment of Jackson's doctor on a charge of involuntary manslaughter, The Associated Press has learned.

The fate of Dr. Conrad Murray has been the subject of speculation since he found Jackson unconscious in his home pagina in Los Angeles last June. Jackson was preparing for a strenuous concert comeback in London, and Murray, a cardiologist, had been hired as his personal physician for the tour.

A law enforcement bron who spoke...
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 Smooth Criminal's fashion
Smooth Criminal's fashion
He truly knew how to dress for a specific video of performance.Like the billie jean's first ever performance which he had his famous glove.Or his clothing in bad video.Or even stranger but koeler, koelwagen his clothing for the way u make me feel.Or for his armband in smooth criminal.His fitness,he was only 45 kg(Damn).I really think he also shall be named king of fashion and style as well as pop.His fitness,his fashion and style shall be remembered forever.Those who are older remember that after the thriller video of billie jean's performance everyone wanted a jas like thriller of a glove.He truly changed everything.
 Thriller's famous jas
Thriller's famous jacket
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The Full concert Of The Victory Tour In Toronto
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