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It's been 3 months now, since Michael and Sani have been together and Michael wanted to smooth things out between him and George
" George, I wanna talk to you." "Come in." George didn't wanna talk , he wanted Michael meer than ever "Watcha wanna talk about?" Michael told him to sit on the bed he walked up to him then zei "George I want u to know that I'm with someone and u can't jeprodize that. When I zei I love u that ment I love u as a friend not a gay boyfriend. When I say things that are affectionate,don't take it all the way ok. Because I have someone who is a friend,lover, and...
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After Michael had left the room a seconde time, I brought my eyes back to this little item that made my hart-, hart skip a beat and all I could do was stare at the beautiful yet simple ring. It was so beautiful. It had a plain, thin silver band and a small diamond that sparkled so perfectly. Why is this here? I know Michael doesn't wear this. Why would he be hiding this? I don't under-oh my, God. He wants to propose! Michael wants to marry me! I wanted to scream from shock and happiness. I love him and I want to marry him. If I could, I would run to him right now yelling "YES!". I wonder when he will...
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Before Michael and I knew it, 6 weeks had passed and we were in Yokohama, Japan. We were looking for our hotel, well, I was looking for it with some help and Michael was trying his hardest to pay close attention to what the Japanese taxi driver and I were saying. Once we got to the hotel, I paid the driver and thanked him. Michael and I got our stuff out of the back and he drove off. We looked at the map I smartly brought with us and saw that there was a hospital a couple blocks away from there. We went inside the hotel and got our key (of course, I had to speak to the front bureau manager in...
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 my beautiful ghost
my beautiful ghost
hand shaking she turned the huge brass door knob. Gasping as the two doors swung open to a room that looked like a masive ballroom. Shiny black and white tiles and a huge chandelier which looked like crystal. And best of all this rom had lighting. There was a huge brand place in the corner and Jennine shivering decided to try and light it. After she brushed aside the cobwebs she found an old fashioned lighter. a pile of logs were already in the middle so she lit them and soon there was a crackling fire. the room looked cozy as Jennine looked around for where she would sleep. She thought that someone was watching her as she moved around the house. Probably just her imagination she thought. Finding a huge old bedroom with a giant brass bed with red velvet bedspread and huge heavy red velevet curtains which made the room even darker. she placed her bag at the foot of the bed. Suddenly a footstep outside the door made her shrink in fear.
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The volgende dag Michael zei " Hannah sweetheart wake up" Hannah didnt wake up Michael zei " Hannah wake up" Michael zei " baby Isabella wake up" Isabella zei " yes what happen?" Michael zei " Hannah isn't waking up" Isabella zei " baby take Hannah take her to hospital" Hannah zei " daddy daddy" Michael OMG Hannah what happen?" Hannah zei " i had a bad dream daddy" Michael zei " what happen in the dream" Hannah zei " Daddy i saw monsters trynna to get me" Michael zei " it be ok Hannah me and Isabella are here ok u don't have to worry about ok Hannah" Hannah zei " ok Daddy" so the rest of the dag was fun family time together it was nice and sweet then Hannah was fast sleep and Michael zei " so baby what do u want do tonight u want watch a movie" Isabella zei " idk " Michael zei " ok i am go sleep " Isabella zei " alright baby " kiss goodnight . to be contuine
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Everythime im down and i feel like i have a huge hole in my hart-, hart all i have to do is look at your face,you got a smile that lights up the whole world,you got a luagh that makes people happy,you got this look in your eyes that drive people wild,when im in a tough spot i just think of you,there is no way that can explain my feelings for you,i just wanna see your smiling face saying baby theres no need to worry cuz i love thee,everytime i hear your voice,name,singing,and laugh i say thats my baby for ya,i wish i could sit volgende to u and comfort u when you're down like u did for me so i can tell everythings gonn be okay that theres no need to worry cuz i love thee,i cant tell u how much i love u of what u mean to me,24/7 i think of u from when i awake till i go to sleep and somwtimes even in between,we've had some crazy times in my dreams,cuz i love thee!!!(kisses both hands and makes two peace signs ) i love u more.
It's another Michael Jackson mega-tease -- 10 brand new snippets from every song on the upcoming album have gone public ... just days before the album is set for release.

30 seconden from each song appeared on the Internet this weekend -- which adds up to a pretty badass five-minute voorbeeld of the new album titled, "MICHAEL."

The full album is scheduled to be released volgende week.

u can visit the link to hear them....!!!! link
She's from a world
Of popcorn and candy
Pony rides for a dime
Little children laughing

I'm from a world
Of disappointments and confusions
But I want her to be mine
I started talking
She kept on walking
She disappeared into the crowd

I lost my heart
On the carousel
To a circus girl
Who left my hart-, hart in pieces
Lost my heart
On The carousel
To a circus girl
Who ran away.

I was the clown
And she was the dancer
We both knew it wouldn't work
But we took our chances
What I can't recall
Is if there was a girl at all
Or was it my imagination?
I still remember
All of those faces
And now all I have is memories.

I lost my heart
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Maria hallo hallo eh eh hallo Maria
Maria don't u hear me calling Maria
Maria girl u know u were the only one
Hey hallo eh eh hallo Maria
Maria don't u miss me a little
Maria after all u were the only one
Come on back to me Maria
Maria come on back to me girl
Hey hallo hallo eh hallo Maria
Maria it's been long so long oh
Maria since you've been gone
Eh eh eh eh eh Maria
Maria don't u need me just a little
Maria 'cause honest girl u were the only one
Come on back to me Maria
Oh come on back to me girl

Oh Maria oh baby I need u mmm mmm
Maria why why d'you keep a-running away
Oh baby u keep a-running...
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The newest and most unusual product bearing the name of Michael Jackson, is a fragrance that smells like his hair. The perfume was created with the help of hair that had gegeven himself a fan of.

The company already released the scent of Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Napoleon Bonaparte and many others. However, these fragrances are created door the genetic code (DNA) them.

In statements, the president of the manufacturing company said: "The flavor is unique, contains no alcohol, but aloe vera, that lasts all day."
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