Michael Scofield Possible script of Prison Break Season 5

Kate-Jane posted on Feb 08, 2010 at 01:27PM
This script was sent to me by a friend:

Episode 1 "FREE ?"

Everything starts with Sara, sitting in the kitchen and put paper around a birthday gift, it's a birdhouse kit and she remembers the moment when Michael told her about his 6th birthday,
She smiles thinking about this. Michael Jr comes in, he wants to know what's in there and she tells him he has to wait 3 days, until his 6th birthday. But she tells him it's the same gift his Daddy got on his 6th birthday. Michael Jr. goes to the TV and starts the DVD with Michaels last words saying he wants his Daddy back, nothing else and then we hear the last words " We are free!"

Next we see a car crash, it's a police car and T-Bag is inside, He was supposed to go to the court and has the chance now to escape, He told another inmate, whenever he becomes free he will kill all family members of the people involved in Foxriver-escape. So a major threat is born.

A man comes home from a trip, Long hair, beard .He put his bag in the corner, go to have a shower. We see some scars from a burn on his body, Coming out, he goes to the phone and hears the messages someone left for him. It's from Kellerman. He says congrats for the successful mission in Europe, but now it's time to awake! Go to the barbershop! The man is like a trance from this moment on. He took his clothes and go to the barber. He has his eyes closed until the moment barber has finished. Than he looks in the mirror and see his face ...
" I'm Michael Scofield"
he says and all the memories flashback on him.

Then he goes to Kellerman and hears he is MS again because his family and friends are in danger and they make the deal to bring him back when this happens ....

Company headquarter, Lisa is the Boss now, They know there is a child from MS and they want to get their hands on, because they want to know if the child is as brilliant as his dad and use him if he is, an agent comes in tells her they find a trace in Costa Rica, A woman brought her nearly 6 years old boy to a hospital to let them check his brain for signs of a very rare tumor, The same MS has had. Lisa knowing immediately who this was and tells him, go free Gretchen we need her for this mission.....

Michael Jr , is playing in the garden when a man comes around , You only see him as a shadow not knowing whom it is ..... M Jr see him, looks surprised for a moment. Than he starts to run to the man saying:
" Mummy, Mummy ... Daddy is back from heaven.... "
Sara comes out seeing Michael and collapse, Michael can catch her in the last moment...
When she is back , the reunion scene all MISA fans wants to see;-)) and he tells her about everything what has happened the last years ....
(Some scène of flashbacks)
A short look at what happens the last years ....

Michael was hardly injured after the explosion but alive, They brought him to a hospital, where Kellerman find him and took him in protected custody and make sure he got the brain surgery he needs, Before the surgery happens Michael decided he wants to be hidden forever to make sure friends and family are safe and no one gets hurt because of him. So they make him a " Sleeper". New identity, new team, don't know by himself who he really is. He work as an agent for Kellerman, mostly overseas to make sure no one recognize him as alive and Kellerman promised to take care he will be awake, when he is needed as MS,
(This is what you can see in the flashbacks when Michael talk first with Sara and it should come back time by time as a parallel storyline, whenever Michael needs
his knowledge from the time when he worked as an agent)

Then Chicago, a school Sucre waiting for his little Girl comes out, someone is watching him .It's a man with only one hand.
Sucre leaving with his little Girl and the man is follow him , It was easy for T-Bag to find Sucre because he knows Sucre never would leave Chicago ,the city where he grow up. At first he decided to kill Marie Cruz and the Girl immediately, but then he thinking about he needs to find the others first , make sure they don't get warned and maybe Sucre can show him where the others are. What he doesn't know is someone is following him too...

Company headquarters, Lisa tells Gretchen about the mission she wants her to do in exchange for a new free life with her daughter. Gretchen isn't sure about this, knowing not everything is like it seems to be, if the company offers it. Finally she decides she has no choice, Lisa tells her about T-Bag and that they need M jr. alive. So Gretchen needs to find T-Bag first...,

Gretchen smiles a bit when she sees him exactly where she thought to find him .Thinking good old calculate able T-Bag ,maybe we should work together like in good old times ....
So in Chicago a happy Sucre goes along the street with his Girl ,making some jokes with her and 2 persons follow him...

Back in Costa Rica: Linc is working outside, when Sofia comes out of the house tells him Sarah called wants him to come to her immediately, Sofia is highly pregnant. He is worried to leave her alone, but she tells him to go.
Sophia ( smiling )
"Thinking about the promise given to Michael always being there if Sarah needs him remember, I'm pregnant not sick"
So he steps into his car and drive to her.

While Sara calls Linc, Michael is sitting outside with his son. The boy is sitting there and built something on the table. Seeing him do so reminds Michael on his childhood and Christina and tears comes into his eyes. ..
Michael (saying in his mind)
"My son will always be loved and he needs to know this for lifetime..."

Alex Mahone works as a private detective. Felicia Lang is his wife now and the both have a child too. By a random he learns about Gretchen is out of prison. He doesn't need to think a lot for knowing Sara and Michael jr. are in danger and he needs to contact her. But there are no phone numbers or something like this, only Sucre's number he has, So he calls Sucre tell him to take his family and come to Costa Rica because there could be a threat from the company .Gretchen is out and they maybe needs to stay together again, to avoid their family's get hurt, How should he knowing that the danger is right around Sucre's house, Then he tells Felicia to get tickets to Costa Rica....

Linc comes to Sara's house, steps out of his car, and sees a man sitting there with M Jr. He only sees his back ... Linc looks angry, thinking this guy is threatening Sara and the boy and the reason why Sara wants him to come , So he starts running to him ...

Linc yell something like
"Hands off from the boy or I will ..."

Than the man turns around and he can see his face....

Linc can't believe Michael is still alive, standing right in front of him. He can't say anything, the stay for minutes can't move before they fall into the arms of each other.

Linc ( shaking Michael)
" Michael! You're alive ! What's happened? "

"It's a long story, no time to tell it now. We need to focus on T-Bag make sure no one gets hurt...."

When Sucre arrived home, T-Bag stands near the house for a while, than he decided to go back to his hotel, He turns around, willing to go and Gretchen stands right in front of him, holding a weapon in her hand. Arrived in the hotel she tells him about the company wants M jr. and asks him for work together, you can have all the others when I have the boy she tells him. T-Bag doesn't know if he should trust her, but it looks like he has no choice as to say deal...

Company headquarters: Lisa is sitting on her desk, holding a picture from the General in her hands. She remembers the day when she gave him her resignation hear him saying ( season 4)

" I want a son ! "

She left because she won't have something to do with all the bad things the General did and now find herself sitting there and order to kidnap an innocent child , asking herself how could it come to this point... She flashes back to the day when the General asked her to visit him in prison, only a few days after he got caught. He told her she is the only person he can trust now and beg her.
"Don't let die everything I build over the years."

He tells her all secrets about the company and tells her to take the lead in exchange for telling her who her mum is ... Lisa wants to know this since she was a little Girl and never got an answer, so she says yes to the deal , Her face looks very serious when the flashback is over...

Sucre and Mahone with their family's meets on the airport , Sucre isn't sure if it's the right way to go there , but Mahone tells him it's the only way to protect Sara , Linc and ourselves ... In the background Gretchen buy two first class tickets to Costa Rica for her and her " husband" , She has blond hair , wearing on glasses ...

Michael and Linc sitting in Sara's house, Linc calls Sofia to come to Sara too, there is a big surprise waiting ....
While waiting for her he ask Michael to tell him everything, (Some other flashbacks to the life Michael lives as KF) Than they talking about how to find T-Bag and make sure the others get informed,

"Maybe we can use europiangoldfinch.net . I'm sure Alex still have a look at this site."

It knocks on the door, Linc wondering why Sofia knocks on the door and go to open it. It's not Sofia standing in front of him ...

Alex and Sucre step in wants to tell them about the threat when they recognize Michael ...
After a big and emotional reunion scene, Alex tells Michael about Gretchen and that he is afraid the company frees her to finally get their revenge...

"So we have two enemies now, Sounds very familiar .Welcome back on the run ....."

Sofia finally arrives at Sara's house. When she comes around the corner she sees a blond haired woman takes M jr and Surces little Girl in a car and leaving very fast. Sofia runs to the house open the door and collapses ... Blood runs down her legs. The only thing she can say before losing her mind is

"They got the children..."

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