Michael Scofield Michael is a real hero.

katie_ketusia posted on Mar 09, 2010 at 07:07PM
I think Michael is a real hero. Would you do what he did? I mean would you sacrifice yourself to save others?

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een jaar geleden MISAforever said…
ohh deffo he is!!!!!!!!!!!
een jaar geleden ForsakenMoon19 said…
Of course he's the main hero of Prison Break!!! Yes Lincon does his share but Michael's been the one to put other people's lives before himself. Apart from bing highly intelligent he's kind, thoughtful, strong, forgiving and sentimental towards others even to some of his enemmies (if they seek salvation)!! He always managed to stick by his motto of saving lives not taking them when he could've!!!

He's even granted character's second chances to prove their worth and the results are usually mediocre: Alex (became an ally/friend, even after killing Michael's father, he'd earned his redemption and penace with the brothers in season 4), Tweener (Although forced into betrayal more than once, Michael offer him a finale chance which he earned when he gave up his freedom to cover for Michael's group), T-Bag (this asshole has tried to always be one step ahead of Michael, although he deserved to die or be locked up for all his crimes Michael seemed to always play the sentimental card) Brad Bellick (the corrupt prison guard turned ally when he was recruited to join Michael's team in season four, sacrified himself to save the brothers and their mission) and finally Sucre (he's been a loyal friend to the brothers through and through, even when he seemed to have problems of his own, always managed to be there for them)!!! So yes Michael is the hero of the series and deserved happiness which he never got:(
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een jaar geleden katie_ketusia said…
ForsakenMoon 19 thanks for this answer! U've completely understood the idea of my question. Sucre was the most loyal character, better than even Lincoln, who didn't appreciate Michael's devotion and love. Probably Michael was born under a bad sign, that's why he couldn't be happy.
een jaar geleden ForsakenMoon19 said…
He was a one of a kind human being who always put everything on the line including love!!!!! I wish he got to live happily ever after, he deserved it!!!!!