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posted by irreplaceable
hallo guys i'm writing my new life and i would like to no if u guys would like to be in my story all u gotta do is in the commentaren leave your name, age, city, personality and tell which mb member you'd like to be wit...... its first come and first serve with mb but if would still like to be in the story commentaar and you'll be with diggy of jacob latimore of something....... anywhooo thnx guys love u (no homo) and remember stay spiffy, luv tacos, keep eatin chicken and spread the peace!!!!!! dueces
posted by TeamOMGGirlz
Layke POV

I sat there in the corner .. I finally got up and noticed Michael wasn't in the room.. so good news there is a window in his bedroom .. it was about sunset so I ran and grabbed the latches that opens the window...

M: -grabs my waist-
You didn't think u would be able to get away that easy.. did you?
Me: -kicks him in his stomach-
M: -grabs my leg and slammed his elbow in my leg-
Me: -grabs my leg and fell on the floor-
M: Jason ... ! Come here
J: wassup
M: meet your new trainee
J: alright I got this
M: -leaves-

J: stand up
Me: -still sat on the ground-
J: -puts on a gas mask-
Me: wait .. why.....
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posted by ImDaRican
*Hello, Hello, Hello*

*VERSE 1* When I first saw u All I could say OMG, How do I make her my baby Plenty girls want me But u ain't the same (Run it back, handle that) Bring my A-game

*BRIDGE* Everybody knows the way to a girls hart-, hart is what u say So what u say about us talking on another level? If u like what u hear then u can holla back Yeahhh

*CHORUS 1* u got me saying Hello Hello, Hello, Hello Let me get that info toon u what I mean

I can make it worth ya time If I can get u on the line

*CHORUS 2* u got me saying Hello Hello, Hello, Hello Let me get that info toon u what...
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today was the dag that me and my mom are moving in her boyfriends house ughh and its all the way in L.A. and I am from NYC
YM: Yn get down here
Yn:im coming im just saying goodbye to the house
YM:hurry up
Yn:im coming *runs downstairs*
At the airport*
Flight attendant:we will be taking off in 1 minuut so get comfortable
Yn:mom do we really have to go what about my vrienden
Ym:yea we do and u will make new ones plus ur goin meet my bf's son
Yn:great just great
so a couple hours later yall land and ur...
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posted by shayshayball
well i what to meet mb for real life but how will happyed to meet then real but my fav is rayray because he cute and smart and funny and be a happy dag to meet rayray i will be happy to meet him but they are happy and funny but love sing and make ever boby happy and love to dance an my verplaats that no one no about and that one i will be happy and loveing to meet rayray .os than we go to the films an make cookie an be beat friend an but one dag we will be good friend but one dag we be boyfriend and girlfrind well no how i like love him
posted by irreplaceable
i'm gonna do these scenes one scene per chapter so just know that u WILL get your scene

aj pov
these nasty azz freaks lol
me: before yall get it in the pack and i are going into the woods and we're gonna hunt do u want us to get yall some meat
them: *not paying attention* yea sure whatever

///lexi and prince///
prince and lexi were having a heated makeout session
"papi" lexi moaned as prince was sucking on her nipples. he went lower planting small kisses on body till he reached her clit. he slowly pulled off her panties and started eating her out. he stopped then put in two fingers and pumped...
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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
 ( @MindlessSwagged )
( @MindlessSwagged )
So here are the results for my new story ...

Name: Kesha
Age: 21
From: L.A.
Personality: fun.. cool outgoing .. but don't get on her bad side...

Name: Leah
Age: 19
From: L.A.
Personality: tough, aggressive, but still nice..

( @MindlessSwagged )
Name: Kayla
Age: 21
From: Philly
Personality: sweet but ain't afraid to put her hands on you

Name: Nazii
Age: 21
From: Dayton Ohio
Personality: loud mouth loves to dance and drink also loves to twerk .. but will beat yo ezel if necessary

Name: Aj
Age: 19
From: L.A.
Nice but won't back down..if u step up to her

Name: Jalisa
Age: 21
From: Miami
Fashionable likes being different but don't get it twisted she will beat u t'f up..

So sorry if u didn't get in but u know first come first serve!
Oh I am so sorry I haven't been on I've been busy..
 ( @Avanzant12 )
( @Avanzant12 )
 ( @SwaggerQueen )
( @SwaggerQueen )
 ( @irreplaceable )
( @irreplaceable )
 ( @rocsboothing )
( @rocsboothing )
 ( @MBsuperfan )
( @MBsuperfan )
 random character
random character
// The volgende Morning //

Knock knock knock
Me: I'm coming shoot people need to calm they nerves
*opens door*
Me: t'f what is this a DVD wait lemme play it first

On the DVD
T: Jennifer are u watching porn
Me: No ain't nobody got time for dat *sweet brown voice*
T: lemme see
Me: why u so hyped u watch porn
T: No I don't
-gives him the laptop-
T eyes all like: 0.0
Dayumm that girl gotta big ezel b-(gco)
Me: give me my laptop!!
T: wait w-w-wait
Me: Fine
-walks upstairs-
5 minuten later
I go back downstairs
Me: o. O T what .. are u masturbating
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posted by Mindless_Luv
-8 Months Later-
Prod: *Walks In Kitchen*
Prince: Morning Mo-Hawk
Prod: Shut up!
Roc: Where your baby momma?
Prod: Sleep........
Lana: Her boobs got BIG!
Shaniah: ALANA!
Lana: Im NOT kidding they did
Ray: She look like a baby beer to
Prod: -_____- Enough!
Diggy: *Laughs* He's getting mad
Jacob: Awwww.....Prod are your feelings getting hurt?
Prod: My names not Prod.....
Star: Then what is it.....?
Prod: Aggravated man!
Lana: *Laughs* That's funny
Makailah: *Laughs* Im mad that's your name....with that vain in your neck
Justin: Let's stop making Prod mad
Janae: Baby....you mean aggravated man?
Beauty: u kiddos...
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posted by geekygirl1999
hallo hallo lol who is read to be a Freak I am lol

still in my room
roc-pulls his fingers out n starts eating me out*
me-*throws head back n moans loud*uhhh roccccc
roc-*tounge fucks me*(god to many wattpad stories lol)
me-uhhhhhhhhhh roccccc I'm about 2 cum(lol ewes)
roc-*goes faster*
roc-*comes up n goes in*
me-ahhh Roc it hurts
roc-shhhhh ill do it into it does not hurt
me-i swear I'm going to ki-(GCO)ahhhh Roc
roc-*goes faster*
me-*starts to moan*uhh uhh Rocc
roc- yea baby dats wat I like to hear*goes deeper n harder*
me-uhhhhhhhj Roc*throws head back n grab da sheets*
roc-*flips us over*ride me...
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at school Kay's pov
me-hey ray
ray-*mumbles* hey
me-r u really mad at me?
ray-idk. u tell me.
me-i cnt cuz idk!!!!!
ray-YES OKAY I AM!!!!!! U JUST DNT GET IT!!!! *slams locker really hard n walks off with ppl looking in our direction*
me-TF YALL LOOKIN AT?! shoot! act lik yall nvr seen ppl yelling!!! THEY DO IT ALL THE TIME ON TEEN WOLF!!!!!

at home pagina ray's pov
i waznt mad at her cuz i couldnt do her. i waz mad cuz the mean girl lacey (if i 4get her name later just remind me!!! i got a bad memory!!!!) threatened 2 hurt her if i dnt hit her! IN FRONT OF EVRYBDY!!!!! n one of her vrienden was behind kay...
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posted by irreplaceable
hallo yall! i'm baaaaaaack!!!! and let me just say i missed yall the reason i haven't been on is because my internet would not work for s__t so it's been a painful maand without internet but here's a story for yall soooooooooooo TURN UP!!!!!!!!

aj pov
so i woke up in the middle of the night cuz.. u know a niggas gotta pee and i was thirsty.
me:*walks downstairs*
so i went downstairs and and used the bathroom then i went to the keuken-, keuken and turned on the lights..... i'm afraid of the dark....... don't judge me. i got some water then i switched off the light and bolted up the staris.... ha! you...
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posted by Skittlez143fan
Sorry I haven't been on lately y'all :/
Princeton:So.....what now?
Ray:I dunno.You think of something,afro.
Prince:*gives straal, ray a look*No,you think of something,two braids!
Ray:*wrinkles nose*Shut the fu-
Yn:GUYS!No fighting,okay?Ray,apologize.
Ray+Princeton:Sorry*rolls eyes*
YN:I'm so bored....
Roc:How about we go get some ice cream,then play laser tag?
Yn:Sure!We'll go to Lazer to play that.Or should we go to Team Beam?
MB:Lazer is meer fun
At the ice cream parlor
YN:I'd like chocolate ice cream with chocolate sprinkles,gummy bears,whip cream,and...
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posted by irreplaceable
aj pov
i can't believe i'm telling them this

ray: are u gonna tell us already?
cece: straal, ray apparently it's hard for them to tell us *turns to me* go ahead aj take all the time u need
me: i um we um we're........
diggy: u want me to tell them
trey: maybe twist of myles should
me:no i got this
roc: we're waiting
lexi:why don't u just tell us tomorrow
me: i'm okay with that
myles: no aj tell them now *stern like he's my dad*
me: nigga u ain't my daddy
trey: aj listen to myles
me: *growls*
prod: did u just growl?!
me: can i just tell yall already?!
eb: sure
me: so yall promise not to be...
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so u n straal, ray straal, ray r on ur way to the club link
ray is driving yall car as u put meer lip gloss on straal, ray looks at u up n down smiling n biting his lip u look at him n say what as he moves is hand on ur leg he says nothing just thinking about something u look at him thinking about then smile looking away knowing wats going down tonight with u nd him yall out up at the club n he opens ur door u get out n kiss him n walk in the club together birthday song comes on link
u start dancing n twerking straal, ray behind u getting hard n biting his lips damn baby
ray-*kisses u*i luv u
terian-i luv u to
ray-want to leave...
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posted by avanzant12
Recap last we left off roc and britt was talking and going two sleep. Nw less cha cha.

So we all over prodigy house. Robert said" when do we do uur volgende tour." britt said" idk less fine out." so Ciara zei " I think I hear sme one phone going off." it was roc playing leve hit dat. It was text from the manger wich was ambershia. The text said" sorry I hate to mess up ur summer four u guys , but u guys got go own tour for two weeks." so roc vooruit, voorwaarts the text two the other guys they zei "awww men " . Me zei "wat wrong baby. " Princeton said" we have go own tour four the last two weeks in this...
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hallo Ya'll we Just gon act like it's christmas in my story it's not but we gon skip to 12/24/2013 ok so in my volgende story it's gonna be back to summer so thank for reading this and don't be confused.
-At the Mansion-
prince:oh i don't even care bout nobody drama because it's Christmas eve
me:boy shut up and watch baby boy
prince:oh yeah i forgot
20 minuten Later
Prince:Jody No Jody
*Me and Jacob look at him from the kitchen*
me:whats wrong with you*smh*
jacob:jody no jody!
prince:it's to late!
jacob:*hugs prince*it's ok it's gonna be ok
me:when is family supposed to be coming over
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posted by princetonwife50
 Valentines Girl..!♥♥
Valentines Girl..!♥♥
It seems like it was just yesterday...mindless behavior came out with their new song "My Girl"...They were just getting noticed door people just door that one AMAZING video..Now look at them they got their album out, clothing line, movie, ringpops, and many more...they have came soo far and its just amazing how far they have went..! And their career is just getting started!!! They are still very young and still have a road full of oppurtunities and obstacles waiting for the but they just dont know but these 4 boys are summ of the most amazing boys tht i have ever known and they are going to go...
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hi so my name is chy and i love mindless behavior so much(princeton).and i just wanted to say that they are a real talent group.and also i think i`m princeton number #1 girl because i`m pretty,smart,thankful,condient,and i love to speard the peace.and also i love mindless behavior because they belive in thereself and they are really funny and fun.and ladie`s they are (hottttttttt).right ladie`s.and don`t u guys want to be there babe`s.and all i have to say princeton u is so sexiiiiiiii.

so be a fan of me and do comment`s

thank u!!!!!!!!!!
 my bed buddie he is so sexy,hot,cute,adorable uggh i wish i could have him to myself
my bed buddie he is so sexy,hot,cute,adorable uggh i wish i could have him to myself
so one dag me and my friend`s kelis,amanda,,and kirah meet these young boys on the basetball court and there name was princeton roc royal straal, ray straal, ray and prodigy. and princeton had came up to me and ask me what my name was so i zei chy then he zei that is a pretty name i zei what is ur name then he zei princeton then i was like kool name.then my friend`s meeted with the other boys and kelis had got with roc and straal, ray had got with amanda and kirah had got with prodigy.so meanwhile princeton ask me what we are doing tonight we sayed nothing then he zei [do u want to come to the movies]then i said...
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