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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
 ( @MindlessSwagged )
( @MindlessSwagged )
So here are the results for my new story ...

Name: Kesha
Age: 21
From: L.A.
Personality: fun.. cool outgoing .. but don't get on her bad side...

Name: Leah
Age: 19
From: L.A.
Personality: tough, aggressive, but still nice..

( @MindlessSwagged )
Name: Kayla
Age: 21
From: Philly
Personality: sweet but ain't afraid to put her hands on you

Name: Nazii
Age: 21
From: Dayton Ohio
Personality: loud mouth loves to dance and drink also loves to twerk .. but will beat yo ezel if necessary

Name: Aj
Age: 19
From: L.A.
Nice but won't back down..if u step up to her

Name: Jalisa
Age: 21
From: Miami
Fashionable likes being different but don't get it twisted she will beat u t'f up..

So sorry if u didn't get in but u know first come first serve!
Oh I am so sorry I haven't been on I've been busy..
 ( @Avanzant12 )
( @Avanzant12 )
 ( @SwaggerQueen )
( @SwaggerQueen )
 ( @irreplaceable )
( @irreplaceable )
 ( @rocsboothing )
( @rocsboothing )
 ( @MBsuperfan )
( @MBsuperfan )
 random character
random character
 My Dress
My Dress
So it was my birthday I was turning 18
Ahh finally legal I decided to throw a party

Me: Everyone Get Up!!!!
Jessica/ Ray: Jennifer it's 7:00 am
Jessica: -wide awake- u throwing a party
Me: u mean a partay
Jessica: yeah
Me: u betcha
Jessica: YAY!! time to get my twerk on
Me: me too!!

// Party Time //
Me: Jessica u know how to design for a party gon girl do yo thang - laughs-
Jessica: ayye thanks but guess what
Me: what?
Jessica: ITS TIME TO TURN UP!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Jessica your a little to turn't up bring it down
Jessica: okay

// Party //
Do my dance came on and...
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posted by prodigywife99
shanies and her vrienden amber,shaquorya,mizzkiwi and mizzniya wuz walkin home pagina then outta from skool then outta nowhere princeton,prodigy,and rayray came out and wanted go out on a datum with them princeton aske shaquorya,prodigy ask mizzniya then rayra ask amber,they all zei yes all of them ran back 2 their houses and pick out their outfits they knew wut there favoriete colors were so they picked out there fav colors so princeton,prodigy and rayraycame and knocked on the door they were so excited until baby_carter14 came up behind mb(my fav band eva) anyway um baby_carter14 zei girl u betta...
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posted by angel_songz
Mindless behavior oh what a group with Prodigy,Princeton,Ray straal, ray and Roc Royal wow they are cute.
Prodigy-he is a mohawk swagger lead singer hottie
Princeton-he is a afro puff swagger cool cutie
straal, ray Ray-he is a two braided swagger cute factor hottie
Roc Royal-he is a cute haired hat lover swagger cool cutie

now most people are quite obssesed with them because if one of the members lyk roc royal gets a girlfriend people would threaten that girl but not all of u MB fans and those who do that just stop it your time will come hopefully for one of the MB member to love you.

MB love yall thanx for da gr8t music
1-4-3 yall
// The volgende Morning //

Knock knock knock
Me: I'm coming shoot people need to calm they nerves
*opens door*
Me: t'f what is this a DVD wait lemme play it first

On the DVD
T: Jennifer are u watching porn
Me: No ain't nobody got time for dat *sweet brown voice*
T: lemme see
Me: why u so hyped u watch porn
T: No I don't
-gives him the laptop-
T eyes all like: 0.0
Dayumm that girl gotta big ezel b-(gco)
Me: give me my laptop!!
T: wait w-w-wait
Me: Fine
-walks upstairs-
5 minuten later
I go back downstairs
Me: o. O T what .. are u masturbating
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at the house
Ray Rays P.O.V.
mia: hallo babe what cha doing
me: nothing
mia climbed on my lap and started kissing me and I rubed her thighs then she reached down and took off my overhemd, shirt then I took off hers we kissed a little meer then I unhooked her bra she unziped my pants and pulled down my boxers I kissed her neck she took off her short shorts I stuck my little friend inside her and went in and out slowly she groned and I went a little faster
meanwhile at the store
Kate's P.O.V.
me: hallo babe go get some oj
Prince: but that's all the way across the store
me: just go please
Prince: fine
ok that should keep...
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posted by sweetieFTD
----------prods pov---------------
after we al got in the car i sat volgende to zinda i
scoot ocer a little meer and i put zinda in my lap and held her hand
"why u getting all touchy all of the sudden" zinda zei
"im sorry would u like me to stop " i zei
" no" she zei
we finally pulled up to the mall and i saw someone standing outside she walked closer to the car
" hallo baby " she zei we all got out the car
" hey" zindia zei hugging Arriana
" well lets go in " princeton zei rubbing his hands together
we all went into the mall and everyone spleet, split up Arrianna wa with prince roc with kenedy ray...
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posted by ImDaRican
*Hello, Hello, Hello*

*VERSE 1* When I first saw u All I could say OMG, How do I make her my baby Plenty girls want me But u ain't the same (Run it back, handle that) Bring my A-game

*BRIDGE* Everybody knows the way to a girls hart-, hart is what u say So what u say about us talking on another level? If u like what u hear then u can holla back Yeahhh

*CHORUS 1* u got me saying Hello Hello, Hello, Hello Let me get that info toon u what I mean

I can make it worth ya time If I can get u on the line

*CHORUS 2* u got me saying Hello Hello, Hello, Hello Let me get that info toon u what...
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 Violets underwear
Violets underwear
Y'all no were we left off violet was ridding him link

Violet: forget going easy I wanna go freaky ( hoping up and down on his ....." Friend" )
Roc: ( grunting and holding her hips steady ) dang stop moving
Violet: ( stops completely and lays down volgende to him)
Roc: what is it
Violet: I'm tired and I need a douche
Roc: ok
Violet: can I stay the night
Roc: of course babe
Violet: ( kisses him and goes in to the bathroom )
Roc: ( waits for her to get in the douche , than goes in)

In the bathroom
Violet: ( singing this and like this link )
Roc: (tiptoeing in the douche with violet)
Violet:( still singing...
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posted by princess_pink
The volgende morning I woke up and went downstairs to look around then I saw this boy who was around my age and he was sneaking around the house
Me: What the fuck are u doing?
Boy: None of your business!
Me: Wait your pulling the glue in shampoo trick on someone really!
Boy: yes really why
Me: Cos I love that trick * running towards him* who are u pranking?
Boy: Cameron!
Me: I'm gonna pretend I know who that is so I can prank him
Boy: door the way for future reference the names Jason
Me: Roxy but everyone calls me Scar
Jason: Right lets go!
Me: Wait No let's add one meer thing ... Hair dye
Jason: I like...
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Umm before I start this episode I wanted to give a Shout Out to:
@Avanzant12 read her Princeton Imagines they are really good so on with the story

Me: so Daniel where are u from?
Daniel: Detroit..
Me: oh that's wassup
- My back is facing diggy -

- He comes and places both of his hands on the side of me -
Me: Uhh what are u doing I have a boyfriend...
Daniel: *picks me up and sits my on the counter*
Me: DAFUQ stop -gets down-
Diggy: - grabs my arm- baby girl stop frontin...
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posted by Ahri
me: baby my tummy hurts
jamie: o lord
me: shut up
jacob ok imma take yuh to the doctor
ok go up stairs and come down wearing this
in car
me: on phone
jacob:what u on
me: yuh know my tummy dont hurt i jst wanted to leave the house with my babe
jacob:o lol
me : yup
at home
prodigy: lol i got a kiss from janae haha
roc: so
prince nd ray: ya so
prod:yall just mad
straal, ray shut yur mouth
roc,prince,and roc: but she is smexy
the boys: lol dont tell jacob tho
we get bck home
prodigy: fake cough
ray: lol
jacob: wat
boys: nothin
me: lol
tay: im bored and pergoo
me: omg tay
boys: nae come here
me: ok
in the boys room
boys: we like yuh

to be contiuned
Recap from last time: Re'nae and Jessica went on a double datum re'nae thinks she might have feelings for Kevin even though he had 10 other girlfriends but Jessica has her doubts about him....

Renae come on let's go !!
Where are we going?
To the mall....??
Oh well come on I'm ready
Okay this is going to be funn!!!

// Mall //
Let's go to Gloria Jeans
Hi how can I help u today?
Umm. I would like a vanilla karamel chiller please.
Ok that would be $9.35
Okay here u go
Your order will be right up...

While I'm waiting I see this familiar face
Hey Renae
Ugh!!! Renae I'll be waiting...
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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
Layke POV
M: -bursts through the room-
Me: what do u want?
M: u already know
M: -chuckled- awee someone didn't take their vitamin d... -smirks-
Me: No... No.. No!!
M: -grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him-
Me: -pushing him off-
M: who t'f u pulling away from.. who's going to stop me? u think that little Isaac gon stop me? -grabbed my wrists and pushes me on the bed-
Me: Get off me!
M: nobody is going to stop me..
Me: I don't want you! Nobody does!
M: -grabbed my arm and twisted it behind my back-
I will break your f-cking arm .. -tighten grip-
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 Myles Is Not Amused
Myles Is Not Amused
As soon as i get on my tumblr account i see people just talking bout Prodigy on how he ain't mixed and how he ugly teef u a lie u must be out your mind 2 say he ugly he fine as god knows what goddamn he sexy O_O back 2 the point Prodigy is a very talented person i don't see how anybody would just say dat just cause he ain't mixed of blexican don't mean he ugly so get it straight he don't enough love an respect as he should be if it wasn't 4 him to this dag there wouldn't be M.B muziek u wouldn't be listening 2 it i wouldn't be listening 2 it we wouldn't be waiting for lose it 2 come out...
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 Craig Crippen Jr(Prodigy)
Craig Crippen Jr(Prodigy)
Character Plot
Craig Crippen Jr.(Prodigy) as himself(18)
Chresanto August(Roc Royal) as himself(18)
Rayan Lopez(Rayx2) as himself(18)
Jacob Emanuel Perez(Priceton) as himself(18)
Christopher Maurice Brown(Chris Brown) as himself(23)
Blossom Ariel Brown(Blossom) as herself(16)
Bambi Ariel Brown(Bambi) as herself(8)

Introduction:16 jaar old Blossom Ariel Brown used to be in love with Mindless Behavior until she began to realize they hid somany secrets from their fans.You might say once u go Mindless u may never turn back but Blossom does whatever the h*ll she wants.When Blossom visits Mindless Behavior for her little sister Bambi Ariel Brown will she change he mind of will she hate Mindless Behavior even more??

Name-Blossom Ariel Brown
Eye Color-Hazel Brown Eyes
Race-African American
Height-5'0 feet tall
Weight-100 pounds
Dislikes-Mindless Behavior
favoriete Websites-Instagram,Twitter,Tumblr and Kik
 Chresanto August(Roc Royal)
Chresanto August(Roc Royal)
 Rayan Lopez(Ray Ray)
Rayan Lopez(Ray Ray)
 Jacob Emanuel Perez(Princeton)
Jacob Emanuel Perez(Princeton)
 Bambi Ariel Brown(Bambi)
Bambi Ariel Brown(Bambi)
 Blossom Ariel Brown(Blossom)
Blossom Ariel Brown(Blossom)
 Christopher Maurice Brown(Chris Brown,Father of Blossom Ariel Brown and Bambi Ariel Brown)
Christopher Maurice Brown(Chris Brown,Father of Blossom Ariel Brown and Bambi Ariel Brown)
posted by TeamOMGGirlz
Okay this story is for all those people who watch the baddest toon called BAD GIRLS CLUB!!!!! So I already have 2 spots taken and those people are @MindlessSwagged and @rocsboothing !!
If u would like to be in this story leave it in the comments! Oh and only 10 spots left hurry before all spots are taken first come first serve!! So I need the following things

Name: (made up of real name)
Age: ( 19 -29 )
From: (made up of real )
Like city wise
Personality: ( the trouble maker.. instigator ... hothead etc. )

After u give me that information .. and characters then I will post the results :) ..

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Just to let u all no I haven't forgot about y'all I just had a Lil problem. So I will be coming back but first I just wanted to let y'all no that I did foget about u. But plz don't be mad at me for not writing. Oh if u don't remember wat happened check out my last article.

Y'all already no so leggo

Nicki: oh I think I do( pulls down his pants and sees his 18in)
Ray: ( turns around ) I new it u don't wanna see me any meer do u???
Nicki: turn around
Ray:( turns around all sad like )
Nicki: ( looks into his eyes and kisses him passionately) I would never leave for some thing like this
Ray: I love...
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posted by Butterfly555
 Mindless Behavior's Outfit
Mindless Behavior's Outfit
Dating a nigga with power can be the most comfortable feeling in the world,Even though the thug life ain't always good veilig of shit when he wraps his arms around u he makes u feel safe.The relationships ain't never easy cause with every thug there's a rude ezel attidue awaiting.The aggression is natural.All that shit pays off dough...In the bedroom:D

California Compton...7:00am(Monday Morning)

Chresanto August...
Wassup i'm Chresanto August i also go door Roc i'm 18 years old i mean what can i say b*tches love me sh*t i f*cked half the school honestly i can't help that i got a big d*ck.On...
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hiiiiiiiiiii guys im stating rated r mindless behavior imagines first one is one of my best sistas kenzie just inbox me if u want one r commentaar i need ur name n person of how many u want just saying this is going to kill me lol well let me stfu n start lol

at kenzies house
link ray-kenzie wats up
kenz-nun just bored
ray-want to do it
kenz-pushes straal, ray n runs*
ray-oh u going 2 get it now**runs after her*
kenz-*hides in closet*
ray-opens closet n drags her out n throws her on bed n gets on top, boven of her*
kenz-get off
ray-no*kisses her neck*
ray-*pulls her overhemd, shirt up*i luv...
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