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I decided to write a diary in my cellphone like Yukki and I loved it. I would reccommend it to all Mirai Nikki fans. What do u think about my idea. I am so glad that I tried. Now I write in my diary all the time. Just like Yukki. I love it. I think that I am similar to Yukki. Misunderstood, it is difficult for me to make friends. I live in my imaginary world. I do not know what to say in a confusing situation. I hope that u will like it.
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A lot of people have been asking me lately why I don't like Yuno--namely the people who know that I usually love the crazy characters. I've probably been asked about five times now so I decided to make an artikel on it. I'm not making this artikel just to be hateful (which is partially why I added the why I like Uryuu bit) I simply wanted to answer the whys. So if u know (lol) u don't want to see Yuno hate this probably isn't the artikel for you. Also, this artikel will contain spoilers.

It's true, I usually do like crazy characters, but she's a different kind of crazy than the kind I usually...
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