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posted by Sugar-N-Spice
Mozenrath (Character)
from Aladdin's Arabian Adventures: Magic Makers

"Aladdin" (9 episodes)

1. The Citadel (31 October 1994)
2. The Secret of Dagger Rock (3 November 1994)
3. The Wind Jackals of Mozenrath (8 November 1994)
4. Black Sand (2 February 1995)
5. Vocal Hero (8 February 1995)
6. The Lost City of the Sun (9 February 1995)
7. The Hunted (16 September 1995)
8. The Book of Khartoum (30 September 1995)
9. Two to Tangle (21 October 1995)
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posted by GypsyMarionette
Mozenrath is one of the villains of Disney´s Tv series Aladdin. After Abys Mal he is the most recurring of the villains, being featured in 9 episodes, and he may be Aladdin´s most dangerous opponent. As a sorcerer he rules the Land of the Black Sand. He gained control over it when he overthrew the reign of is former master and sort of father figure Destane - a sorcerer that was feared even door Jarfar. The land is populated door the Mamlocks, undead servants to Mozenrath, that use to fall apart whenever being beaten.

Mozenrath´s motives for his evilness origin in his greed for power. Though...
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