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Chapter 1 (Part 1)
"I don't want to go to school!" I moaned.
But u HAVE to!" Taylor teased.
"Now hurry up!" ALexis told us.
"Well, Grace doesn't have to hurry up. She's riding to school on her new motorcycle." Taylor reminded Alexis.
Taylor was my older sister, she was 17,I'd turned 16 just a week ago.Alexis was about 20, and was engaged to her boyfriend,Austin Winsky. Taylor,just recently broke up with her rockstar boyfriend,Nick Jonas. u know, part of the band, the Jonas Brothers.Well, they're taking a long break from the muziek business.It had taken me door surprose that she'd known that Nick...
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posted by MrsJonasLautner
I'm interviewing myself! HAHA!
Fav Color: Purple, Lavender,Black, and Green
Fav Subject: SCIENCE! And History
Best Subject(s): Language Arts, Science & History
Worst Subject(s): P.E. & Math
Fav. Teacher: Mr. Branchaud " Mr. BRAINchaud" Sciecne Teacher
Least Fav. Teacher: Mrs. Rembold, Language Arts
Fav. Sport(s): Soccer
Best Sport(s): Soccer and Softball
Fav Coach: My Dad, Best soccer coach EVER!
How many different coaches have u had?: 2, My Dad (Coach Dad) and Coach Mike!
Are u any good at soccer?: Yep. Best on my team... not joking!
How many trophies?: 8, but I've played for 5 years. Ask me how this is possible if u want to, and I'll answer as least confusing as I can.
Anyway meer TOMORROW!
Dark Light
Book 1 of 3 (so far)
70 pages
*Thanks to Katie, Jackie, Mom, Dad, and Sam for letting me use their middle names! And the Twilight Saga Series for being my inspiration. I love u Joe, Nick and Kevin!*
-Maddie Dowden (MrsJonasLautner)
Chapter 1 ( written door me too!)
" Wisdom is not getting good grades. Wisdom is knowing who u are."- Maddie Dowden

    "Let's play hide and go seek!"Joe said.
    "'Kay. . . Why not? I've got nothing better to do...." I zei as I bromfiets out the back door of our house.
    "Go on, but don't go too far...
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