MTV Who Do U Like More?

Pick one:
Neither, they're terrible
Added by Snerkie
Both they rock!
Added by Crazy-Chica
Britney Spears
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Christina Aguilera
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avril lavigne
Added by stef4e
Shakira and Rihanna
Shakira and Rihanna
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Lady GaGa
Added by GaGaBoi
Whitney Houston
Added by Charlotte1720
lindsay lohan
Adam Lambert
Added by p690327p
max green
Added by emorockgirl
tom and bill kaulitz
Added by tokio_lover
None of them
None of them
Added by bloodynight12
Katy Perry
Katy Perry
Added by KatyPerryTV
Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj
Added by nkn369
taylor snel, snel, snel, swift
taylor snel, snel, swift
Added by wolfgirl11
Added by GwenHeather
Miley Cyrus
Added by akane996
Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston
Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston
Added by MJJBelieve
All The Above
Added by LionKingGirl1
One Direction
Added by HarryStyles65
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