muziek videos Where to watch muziek videos?

HuckMucus posted on Jan 29, 2014 at 02:13AM
Old man has question:

My research to answer my own question is limited to asking you. Thanks in advance for an answer you might provide.

Where does one go to see music videos these days? I used to watch MTV back in the 1980s, until it quit playing them. Then, I saw them with little clips of the nominees on the Grammies, so I know they are still being made. It must cost millions to make them and I would think there would be a consistent venue, like MTV used to be, where a person could go to watch and enjoy. They also had MTV for Rock and VHI for Mellow, maybe something else for Country. Are there different venues?

P.S. I’m in the sticks where the best internet available is horrible.


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een jaar geleden madonnas said…
Hey mate,

Just try Youtube, most bands have an official youtube channel where they post and share their music videos free, you may have to watch an ad first though!
een jaar geleden greboguru said…
Yep. YouTube is the place.