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My Best Friend's Wedding Have u Ever Fallen For Your Best Friend At The Wrong Time? (Explain)

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 notesofchange posted een jaar geleden
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Nea13 picked No.:
Never happened to me
posted een jaar geleden.
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AniiBananii picked Yes.:
Am... well its actually happening to me
I mean i met that boy like 3 years ago and nothing reall happened exept that we became best friends and i just love the way he is... hes so perfect to me but then... a few weeks ago i saw him we went out for a cofee and OMG i just... dont know how to describe how I felt in that moment. Im inlove with him but I cant tell him cuz I dont think he likes me and anyway hes inlove with someone else :( Sad... but whatever theres so much more time left
posted een jaar geleden.
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Shannon1982 picked No.:
posted een jaar geleden.
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caz121 picked Yes.:
yeah it was tesame thing as the movie. you dont realise what you have until you cant have it anyone.

but he just got a long tern girlfriend, not a wife.
posted een jaar geleden.
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sherlocked88 picked No.:
Well, it happened but he wasn't exactly my best friend, though at that time sometimes felt like it.
posted een jaar geleden.