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 Amber's Les Paul for Career Mode
Amber's Les Paul for Career Mode
(Amber is Ready for her Encore to toon everyone that she can Rock, but Lia wants to interrupt and tell her that Rock is out of Order. That made Amber Mad! Really, Really Mad and turns this Encore into a Rock fight)

Amber:OKAY EVERYONE, what do u want

Everyone:Encore song.

Amber:OKAY, Let's do it.
Lia:Out of Order

Amber:Lia, its rock time and you're not gonna stop this.

Lia:Sorry, but rock is over.

Rintoo:Uh Oh!😯

Amber:Well rock has just started and it's turned into metal! Bring it Wimp!😡

Lia:It's on all right and I've won
(And the Boss Song Starts!)
 Amber's Les Paul For Career Mode
Amber's Les Paul For Career Mode
(Story starts off at the pond with Amber in the water splashing until the mail arrived and she goes towards her mailbox and tells her sisters that it might be a concert, but Filled with bad guys so she's ready for a fight and goes to the busje, van to practice her anger and fast note shredding!)

(Starts off at the pond with Amber and her Sisters swimming)

Amber:So if you're one, I could be that thing that might lead the pack

Pearl:Yeah, if that ever happened which it won't!

Amber:I'll toon u that--

(Mail Truck goes by)


Amber:(Growls at Jade)What?

Jade and Coral:The Mail!
(Pearl opens the the...
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