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posted by DragonAura15
(Sorry it took so long!)
Chapter Two: A Princess No More

u must be wondering...How did I get free? Being a princess isn't exactly something u can just stop doing; it's not a career u can quit when u don't want to continue with it. I had to take meer drastic measures...
...but the dreams never ended. Now, in my dreams, the shapes grew clearer. Three large shapes in particular caught my eye, but I hardly had time to dwell on them. My mother was drilling me harder than ever!
Golden Shine: Silversheen, I am fed up with your daydreams! You're a princess! u must focus on your tasks!
That's when I finally lost my temper.
Silversheen: Maybe I'm not a princess, Mom! Have u ever considered that?
Golden: Silversheen! How dare you-
Silversheen: Every day, 24/7, you've been pushing me endlessly to be someone I'm not, and every day, I've just stayed silent and put up with it, but those days are over!
Golden: Control yourself, Silversheen! This is not how a princess should behave!
Silversheen: Then I don't want to be a princess any longer!!!
(runs out of the room, down the kasteel corridors, and out the kasteel doors, with her mother yelling her name behind her)
And so I ran...It seemed like forever at the time. My mother pursued me for a while, but when I reached the outskirts of Pridus, there was a bright silver flash and a shriek of surprise from behind me. I didn't dare stop to see what had happened. I kept running until my hooves ached too much, and then I took to the air.
I felt free as I soared through the sky, away from the pressure, away from the expectations. It felt like a huge weight being lifted off my back. I flew jubilantly for a long time, then I started to tire, and prepared to land in the town below.
It was a moment of two before I realized where I was now-Glistenville, a much humbler town than Pridus, where my aunt and cousins lived. I would go to them. I knew they would welcome me with open hooves, but would things change once they learned the news of my escape? Would they shun me, like the ponies of Pridus were sure to do? Thoughts swirled around in my head as I made my way to the house of my aunt, Misty Eyes...
 The chase!
The chase!
posted by Seanthehedgehog
The first Con Mane story to have OC's that aren't mine. Let's begin on a tropical island 8 miles from Hong Kong.

Hattan: *sunbathing* Sneak Peak, can u check the main entrance?
S.P: Right away Ms. Scaramanga.
business pony: Are u Hattan Scaramanga?
Sneak Peak: No, I'm her assisstant.
business pony: Where is she?
Sneak Peak: Go in that way.
business pony: *enters room* Hattan Scaramanga.
Hattan: Hi. I just realised u have your gun, and I don't have mine.
business pony: That's too bad. *shoots gun*
Hattan: *dodges bullet*
S.P: *turns off lights*
business pony: Where are you? toon yourself!...
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posted by DisneyFan333
 The mane six
The mane six
In order from my favoriete to least favorite:

1.) regenboog Dash- She is just... well she is just awesome. I like her personality and I think door watching her be all loud and such, I have been meer confident and less shy than I used to be. Plus she can fly which is just like the coolest thing ever. Her mane is pretty cool too. I mean its a rainbow. What could be better than a regenboog mane.

2.) Pinkie Pie- I do find her to be annoying somtimes thats why she isnt number one, but the 25th episode in season 1 I think really shows her personality. I think it also may have something to do with her childhood...
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posted by NocturnalMirage
Wheels of Evil – Part 6

"So let me get this straight: you’re saying, that your friend was hit door some kind of carriage that moved on its own?” the stallion with the large mustache inquires.

“Yes, Sheriff Copperhooves! That’s the best I can describe it!” the purple earth pony replies. She’s still shocked.

“Uh-huh…” the Sheriff sighs resignedly. “Berry… how much did u drink?”

“It has nothing to do with the booze!!! This… thing came out of nowhere, ran over Carrot Top, then came back and did it again and again and again…” Berry stammers with tears in her eyes.

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posted by Mylittlecute12
filly twilight: hallo where are u going!!!!!!
Discord: to make celestia be a filly!
Filly twilight: oh no u won't! (uses magic to call luna)
Luna: what!!!!!! happened!!!!
filly twilight:discord is on the loose!
Luna: i thought u defeated him!!!!!!
filly Twilight: he he going to turn celestia into a baby
Discord: I already Did!!!!! (evil laughing)
Luna: Now i have to take care of my older sister i mean my youger sister i mean my sister thats a baby!
Spike: (gasps!) what happened!!!!!!!!
Filly twilight: Its a long story spike!!!!
Discord: time is running out!!!!!! (evil laughing!)

To be continued.......................
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Part 1 0:00 Hungarian 0:37 Spanish 1:12 Romanian 1:45 Czech(bad quality, but I needed famous choir with "wine, wine, wine") 2:23 German 3:01 BR/PRT Part 2 3:42 Dutch 4:19 Latino 4:55 Russian 5:30 EU/PRT 6:07 French 6:46 Polish
my little pony friendship is magic
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my little pony friendship is magic
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