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posted by _Laugh_
Coffee Crème and Snow Flake walked toward Trixie. Trixie rolled her eyes and sighed. She stared at the two angry ponies.

CC: Excuse me, Trixie, may we have a word with you?
Trixie: Why, of course.
SF: Who are u going to the prom with? Huh?
Trixie: Strong Charger, duh.
CC: What about Blue Beat? *raises eyebrow*
Trixie: *gulps* I.. I don't know what you're talking about.
SF: Of course u do.
Trixie: *growls*
CC: Strong Charger would never want to go to the prom with you.
SF: And Blue Beat is a nerd. u just want him to do your homework.
Trixie: Listen, u two brats, step out of my way. Strong Charger...
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posted by TotalDramaFan60
heres a nice pony tune to sing around the fire
Her name was very long
appeldrank, applejack knew Aconamonafimfafimf
Cuse she was her sis
Ate a bad koekje, cupcake once
Now Aconamonafimfafimf
Is a derpy pony whoohoo
Met derpy pony that day
And Aconamonafimfafimf
Came vrienden with derpy that day
Was the anime version of applejack
Was happy with her life
Until Aconamonafimfafimf got killed door applejack
Cuse who cares about her
Cuse Aconamonafimfafimf
Was evil after all
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Apparently the plan did not work. Con went to a place where Hattan went, while Berry Goodnight wanted nothing to do with him.

Con: Stupid Berry, I'll stop Hattan Scaramanga without her help. *disguises himself as Hattan*
korean captain: Ah, Miss. Scaramanga. u look beautiful today.
Con: Thank you. Now I have something to tell you.
korean captain: What might that be?
Con: I just met somepony that will be disguised as me. He works for the C.I.E, and his name is Con Mane.
korean captain: Understood. We will take care of him once we see him.
Con: Thank u *leaves*
Hattan: Who was that pony?
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posted by Tawnyjay
A/N: Sorry for the absence, guys... I've been really busy as of late.

I woke up in a pitch-dark room. The first thing I heard were evil, scary voices.

“When shall we wake them up? The sleeping spell is sure to wear off soon…”

“Soon, Lord Discord. None of them should be awake yet…”

I felt a stirring door my side. I heard a yawn I had heard many times, through sleepovers and simply during the day.

“AJ?” I whispered tentatively.

Applejack opened her eyes, and the bright green emitted a soft glow. “Yeah, sugarcube. Where are—“

The memories came back to her. Her eyes widened and...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
When Saten Twist returned to Los Angeles in the Super Chief, he saw Jake looking at him.

Jake: *Angry*
Saten: *Sweating* Why is he giving me that look? *Stops the train*
Jake: *Tapping his left front hoof on the ground, waiting for Saten Twist*
Saten: *Climbs down from the engine's cab* Why are u angry at me?
Jake: u owe me an apology for the way u talked to me yesterday.
Saten: John-
Jake: IT'S JAKE!!!!
Saten: Why are u getting angry at me all of a sudden?
Jake: Your lecture towards me made me lose my job, and now I can't find work anywhere else.
Saten: u quit?
Jake: Yeah. I'm still waiting...
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