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Chapter 1 - Is it a prank?:

The air was warm, the sun was shining, and everypony in Ponyville was having a glorious day. The town square was bustling and crowded and busy ponies filled the streets. All the pony folk seemed to have somewhere specific to be. All except regenboog Dash; her place was in the sky. She tore freely through the air, speeding one way and the next, buzzing the boom tops and racing the wind. The blue pegasus swooped over a schoolyard, much to the delight of the children, then climbed several...
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This is my first artikel for this club and so I hope that u all enjoy it. It took a lot of time researching all the different cutie marks, choosing which ones I liked the most, and finding pictures for those ponies. Anyways feel free to leave commentaren and become a fan if u really like it. Before I start I want to make it clear that this is opinion based. If u are unhappy with what I choose u can tell me so in the comments, but do so in a mature manner. Meaning please don't cuss in response to my artikel of to other comments.
Now that that's out of the way let's begin. And once again...
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Tears rolled down regenboog Dash's cheeks. AppleJack,Twilight,Pinkie and Rarity tried to comfort her but nothing helped.Finally Fluttershy spoke up "what if I got u a new pet" she offered."No" regenboog Dash told her."He was the best one."Rainbow Dash walked away sadly.


'Well justtwo meer to go" regenboog Dash said.Suddenly she spied something asleep under one of the clouds.She flew down. the creature woke up and shook its face. "Hello there" regenboog Dash said.The creature smiled bright eyed."You got a name Buddy" she asked."Pikachu" it replied."Alright im regenboog Dash" she told him. Pikachu...
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The toon that defined an entire generation of not simply adults, but people, is actually not as good as u think it is.

I, going back to my roots of... let's say a jaar ago, am going to be the asshat that tells u why. I do this mostly because I was inspired door a really shitty artikel I found while lazily scrolling through facebook.

Not saying it's a bad thing to watch this show, of course. I'd be a hell of a hypocrite for saying that, and even I know it.

I'm also not claiming this toon is bad. I'm just being an idiot and claiming it's not AS good as it's hyped up to be.
(these are also not...
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