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Happy Halloween, everyone! :D

Seeing how it’s the season of spook’s and frights, I decided to do this list. Because despite its cheerfulness, wit, action sequences, humorous moments and wonderful characters and their crazy abilities and powers, this anime can get very heavy at times!

It’s sad, poignant, powerful and also, quite frightening, as I’ll be pointing out in today’s list:

My top, boven Ten Scariest Naruto Things

I’ll be discussing my opinions on Naruto’s moments, characters and other such things that managed to scare me, creep me out of actually bloody terrify me!

Here we go.

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posted by dokidokijoki
Sakura sat bored and hot at her desk, she had agreed to take over for lady Tsunade for the night so she could go out drinking and was fast regretting it. The bureau was one Shizune had brought Tsunade to stop her sneaking off from her duties, unfortunately for Sakura it worked just as well on her. The bureau was little meer than a large box with a hole at the top, boven where the worker would be seated with only their top, boven half showing, the inside of the box however was covered in tiny Chakra absorbing charms making escape impossible. Sakura knew it would be warm so she dressed for it wearing only a thin...
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Just my opinion. I don't care if it makes people angry. I tried making it into a question, not an artikel ('Who do u hope Naruto will end up with? Why'), but it wouldn't toon the whole thing. The whole rant. So, here it is:

'Who do u hope Naruto will end up with? Why?'

I hope he'll end up with... Temari! XD Kidding. I actually hope he'll end up with Hinata, for many reasons. First of all, Hinata deserves Naruto's love far meer than Sakura. She has always loved him, ignoring the crowd, even ignoring warnings from her family, which shows she has a strong mind. She is also (and I don't care...
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posted by LovableXNerd
(At the Akatsuki Hangout, Itachi and Tobi are only there do to that fact everyone else is out and doing work.....and stuff)

Tobi:*Looking at the t.v., watching bleach* ITAAAAAAAAACHIIIIII!!!~~~

Itachi: *walks in from his room* What Tobi?

Tobi: Watch this with me itachiiii *pats zitplaats, stoel volgende to him*

Itachi:.... Why?

Tobi: Because i want u to

Itachi: Not worth it

Tobi: p-please....I promise i won't do what i did last time *animated halo on his head*

Itachi: *Shivers remembering last time* Tobi....If i watch this with you...and u do what u did last time, I will tie u up, Stick u somewhere...
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posted by to0ota111
Uchiha Itachi Facts

Uchiha Itachi doesn't breathe, he holds air hostage.

Uchiha Itachi doesn't actually write haiku, the words assemble themselves out of fear.

When Uchiha Itachi goes out to eat, he orders a whole chicken, but he only eats its soul.

Uchiha Itachi does not sleep, he waits.

Uchiha Itachi does not shower. He only takes blood baths.

Uchiha Itachi can divide door zero.

In the medical community, death is referred to as "Uchiha Itachi Disease"

Uchiha Itachi crossed a road. No one dared vraag his motives.

Lightning never strikes in the same place twice because Uchiha Itachi is looking for it.

The universe is expanding because it's running away from Uchiha Itachi.


Uchiha Itachi

 knocking on heaven's door
knocking on heaven's door
posted by Sasunaru120
Name: Aura
Age: 17
Reputation: Artist nin
You was working in your art store that u owned as a tall blonde walked in, with a red haired boy. u smiled at both of them as u returned to workin the clay u had under the counter, u looked up as the blonde came to you.
"Hey do u have any rare clay Un?" He asked.
You looked at him and then asked, "Deidara?"
"Yeah, why do u ask?" He asked.
"You don't remember's the rare clay, that's all I have Deidara....Sasori, the back door on your left, it's all put up for you," u sighed.
"Thanks Aura," He said.
"Aura? That sounds familiar, thanks...
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Boruto: Naruto the Movie quickly approaches its premier in Japanese theater, while opening up to new characters, new missions and new stories. We also voorbeeld the enemies that will go up against Naruto, Boruto and the rest of the village. Momoshiki and Kinoshiki are members of the Otsutsuki clan, like Kaguya and Hagoromo, who aim to steal Kurama away from Naruto.

Momoshiki and KinoshikiThe village hidden in the leaf see’s two shadows sneak into the peaceful leaf village as they block Boruto’s path in order to attack the village and steal Kurama which is inside Naruto. As we already know,...
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All Naruto fans should be jumping for joy as the latest chapter of Naruto will begin with a new adventure. Naruto Gaiden: Nanadaime Hokage to Akairo no Hanatsuzuki (Naruto Spinoff: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring Month) will begin on the 27th of April in the 22nd/23rd issue of Shonen Jump, they also tease a text “Urgent News: The story enters a new generation…”

If u hadn’t already guessed, Naruto Uzumaki is the 7th Hokage with Hinata being his wife, with Boruto and Himawari being the stars of this new chapter. Naruto’s 700th Chapter ended with the introduction of the next...
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Naruto Shippuden Episode 83 - Target: Locked On
Tsunade tells Sakura that Team 7 will be Team 10's advancement if Naruto finishes his training aural 24 hours. Shikamaru bound adjusts the team's action to accommodate Kakashi. After Hidan and Kakuzu are found, Shikamaru pins the caliginosity of the Akatsuki brace with Asuma's blades absorbed with his chakra. He uses Hidan to advance Kakuzu, but Kakuzu had secretly abandoned his arm during Shikamaru's attack. The arm removes the brand pinning his adumbration and he dodges Hidan. Choji afresh attacks Kakuzu from above.
Naruto Shippuden Episode 84...
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and here is other interesting stats:

Madara brothers name = Uchiha Izuna
3rd Hokage Name - Hiruzen Sarutobi
2ND Hokage name - Tobirama Senju


Ninja Registration Number: 012420
Birthday: Nov 25, Age 17, Sagittarius
Height: 172.1cm
Weight: 53.3kg
Blood Type: A
Personality: Frank, obiedient, submissive
Likes: Tofu
Dislikes: Mitarashi anko
Wants to fight: Hatake Kakashi
Favorite word: Comrades
Hobbies: Drawing pictures, calligraphy

Graduated from the Academy at 9
Took the Chuunin exam at 10

Age not given, Cancer
Height: 165cm
Weight: 47kg
Blood Type: B
Personality: Tomboyish, hates losing
Likes: Shio ramen
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posted by LovableXNerd
A raven sits on a boom cawing and looking at a pie in the house with the brown haired, blue eyes human and the blond floppy eared dog. He looks at the pie some meer as the human opens the window to let the pie air out. The raven spreads its wings and the descends from the boom , towards the pie. The raven gets close to the pie and goes to take a bite. But then the brown haired human swats at him with a broom. The raven caws loudly and flies away as the bezem hits his tail. He flies back to the tree, he grumbles about the human “How vile is that human, How evil he is. All I want is a bite...
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they can be just characters but they´r real in the virtual world and why u asck? because even if they'r not real they provoque feelings in the most anime lovers. u can look at a drawing and say that its very preety but that thing that your seeing doesnt realy exist ( if your looking at a draw of a boom for example). its just a drawing and not something that moves of u can touch it like it was a real boom (on this case). do u understand now? even if he is a character we can see the art on it, the beuty of the personality and phisicaly aspect.Simple as this!! ho and my favotire is absolutly naruto XD
posted by kinomotho
Sasuke: u need to stop. Stop loving me!


Mikoto: Yes that's the truth. Your brother know it. If u don't trust me, go ask your beloved brother...

Sasuke: I'm going to ask brother.


Sasuke: Please don't lie to me.

Itachi: What mother told you, it's all the truth.

Sasuke: It can't be. u know, I love her and I'm in love with my OWN SISTER!!. I'm going to see mother.


Sasuke: Mother, please explain to me, everything.

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 Naruto in Manga
Naruto in Manga
Okay, this is purely my opinion and u can totally ignore this, but if you're interested, listen up!
anime have been known to be different from their original manga. Some changes are not major, some change the direction of the story completely. Usually, such changes arise at the ending of the anime. Think about most anime:Soul Eater, FullMetal Alchemist, KWMA, and a host of others, their endings are usually different from the manga. And when u compare these endings to the manga, the manga endings are (usually) much better.
Due to the never-ending suspense Naruto is giving us, many Naruto...
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posted by Sasunaru120
This is your Sasuke love story.
You looked around the forest with your big sea-blue eyes. u are looking for the Konoha village hidden in the leaves. Your village is the weakest village ever from your point of veiw at least. u had learned to use an ability only u can use. u have the most powerful abilities, and feared door it. So now u were to become a meer powerful person. u bacame lost in the forest and look around for a person to give u directions. u see a shadow then pull out a kunai. u pinned the figure to a tree. "Do u have any idea where the village hidden in the leaves...
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well ,i think u all wondering about naruto shippudden character stats ,personal inform and other inform of the characters so i searched them in many web sites and i found out these interesting things ,and i wanted to share them with u all .....enjoy!

Stats included:
-(Physical) Strength

Naruto: Nin 4 - Tai 3.5 - Gen 2 - Int 3 - Str 3.5 - Spe 3.5 - Sta 5 - Sea 1.5
Sasuke: Nin 5 - Tai 3.5 - Gen 4 - Int 3.5 - Str 3.5 - Spe 4.5 - Sta 3.5 - Sea 4
Sakura: Nin 3 - Tai 3 - Gen 3.5 - Int 4 - Str 3 - Spe 3 - Sta 2.5 - Sea 4
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 talia at 14, exept she had medium long hair.
talia at 14, exept she had medium long hair.
The village was dark, and eerily quiet. The quiet footsteps of the guards on top, boven of the uithangbord were the only sound after dark, added to the quiet murmur of their voices and the cicadas in the forests. Naruto uzumaki was still up in bed, For he could sleep well. he have been experiencing A hot and cold sensation, On and off fevers(Very low ones.) and Whenever he did sleep, he had nightmares. About what happened to sasuke. Killed in the land of rain, maimed there, And the sparring on top, boven of the hospital roof. He almost dying on the hilltop. he couldnt sleep after all that. So he decided to stay...
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Masashi Kishimoto could soon be retiring from being a mangaka as news revealed in a magazine tonen that after the latest Naruto movie, Boruto: Naruto the Movie, has aired, Masashi Kishimoto “won’t draw anything further”. Kishimoto also mentions that for the first time for a movie, he has written the entire script door himself, designed the characters and refined the story even further.

The English translation from the magazine artikel reveals:

The Boruto Movie, for the first time everything begins, starting with original characters. That is to say, it’s an original work of the author,...
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posted by Sasunaru120
Love Story: u sat door a river, looking at the shimmering water. u could see the moons reflection and as the water rippled the moon's reflection into a heart. u stared at that hart-, hart and an image of Sasuke appeared in your mind. u shook your head. 'No... It would never happen... Sasuke and I are just... just friends' u thought. u sighed heavily. "Something wrong Kakisha?" u heard a familiar voice say. "Yes Sasuke... Something is wrong..." u replied, not even bothering to look at who was talking to you, it was just so obvious to u now. "Well... What's wrong my dear friends?" Sasuke...
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Not long after I was born, I was kidnapped door a man and taken from the Hidden Sand Village. He placed me in a prison meant for experimenting. He did it to many people from who knows where. Soon I became one of them. The only difference between us was that I actually lived. Every other breathing thing at the time didn’t survive the experiments. Mom and dad told me they died because they didn’t posses enough chakra to endure the harsh tragedy, but lucky me was blessed with just the right amount. Surviving that wasn’t a blessing at all, but a curse I’d live with for the rest of my life....
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