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posted by Bubblez5353
I aways sit alone on the bus. My only vrienden on there are Saki and Azumi. I thought it was going to be a normal ride home, but I was wrong. It was th busride that would change my life.
I had fallen asleep, when I awoke there was a gun in my face. Three guys, with guns and wearing masks, had shot the busdriver and were going to shoot us next! I heard the guy infront of me start to pull the trigger when a voice said,
"Don't shoot her!"
"What?" the guy with the gun in mt said, "Why?"
"She's coming with us."
Us? Who's us? And where were they going to take me? What were they going to do to me? I can't...
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posted by renlillyren
“hey thats my spot”
Gaara turns round in a flash he thought he recognised that voice
A young girl of 19 stood at 5ft 8 her brunette hair tied back in a long pony tail that draped over the pale skin of her shoulder her ocean blue eyes framed with a thick black line stared at him with no expression as Gaara looked down her seeing her red sleeveless top, boven which ended at the top, boven of her ribcage then down her stomach to her hip were the sign for love was tattooed as a scar then to her black rok witch covered her 4 inches down her thigh too her fishnet shorts which stopped at the top...
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Rock Lee-Verse 1

"Here i go Gai sensei,now i shall begin!
I will try my hardest to make sure that i win!
With my strength and my speed,this battle is done!
Between u and me Gaara,i think that i have won!

I'll drop u from the sky with my primary lotus!
I'll shatter your ultimate defense as a bonus!
I'm moving to quickly,i know u can't see it!
This Hot Blooded brand has just been lit!
Gaara-Verse 1

"Rock Lee hm?Prepare yourself to die.
I want to hear your screams,i want to hear u cry.
There is no escaping it,Mother wants u dead.
So no matter what i have to do,i will have your head.

Resistance is...
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posted by Crazy_NarutoKid
I know that everybody has there different opinions on things and i dont mean to disrespect anyone.

But what I dont understand is how so many people think Sakura and Sasuke belong together..

Everyone knows that Sakura is totally in love with Sasuke.But,have we ever seen Sasuke return those feelings to her.No!!! we havent because Sasuke doesnt feel that way and i dont ever think he will.

and for those who have read the manga we all know what a dark place Sasuke is in and that he doesnt give a shit about anyone in konoha including Sakura.He tried to KILL her. KILL her as in wipe her off the face...
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1, Do the moon walk
2, Win "Miss America"
3, Try to take over a fan-girl's body
4, Wallow in the song "I can't make u love me(if u don't)"
5, Admit, in a game of a "truth of dare" that he has the hots fo Kabuto
6, Spread a rumer that Sakura is going out with Neji
7, Decide that he wants Sai's body instead of Sasuke's
8, Support Hinaino
9, Run for breast cancer
10, Yell "I LIKE PEANUTS!!!!!"
11, Stop reffering to himself as "the predator"
12, ster in 'You're a Good Man Charlie Brown'
13, Dress as Arwen for Halloween
14, Stop wearing that stupid purple bow
15, Smile and say "lol I'ma Bitch"
16, Run from...
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I'v Watched Many anime , Including Vampire Knight , Dragon Ball Z , Bleach Etc.
Just Every populair anime .. I Don't Really Understand Those Who Hate Naruto , They Probably Don't Have A Good Reason ,
I Like Many anime But They Don't Have Match For Naruto ,
Dragon Ball Z: Good anime , But Can't Say Better Than Naruto . Cause It's Story . Dragon Ball Z Include Aliens (Very Old Fashined) . Especially Dragon Ball GT (Sucking Story) . Dragon Ball Z Probably Don't Really Have A Match For Naruto.
Bleach: seconde Most populair anime Going (As Seen On Some Site) But Bleach is Still seconde And Naruto @ 1st. Bleach Have A Great Story But If We See globaal, algemene Then Naruto is Better.
Vampire Knight: The People Who Watch Both (Naruto & V.Knight) Can Truly Judge Which anime is Better !
There Are Too Many Other anime Too .. But "There Can Only Be One Number 1 And Naruto is Number 1"
Cherises POV;

I looked around, I was in a purple bubble.. WITH Sasuke?!

“Kay Sasuke, now GET me out of this bubble, NOW.” I demanded.

“I saved your life. I don’t even get a thanks?” He said.

“Thanks.” I said, Elbowing the bubble so it popped, and walking away.

“If I fix your car, can I have a lift?” Naruto grinned.

“No.” I zei firmly, Hiro grinned and he fixed it. With that, I nodded at Sasuke, And drove off.

After a few minutes, we drew up at my house, on the driveway. I don’t actually drop the guys off, I just ask them to walk from my house.

“Bye Hiro, Bye Kiba.” I said,...
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posted by JustaNutherKh
The dag when Naruto arrived, the world was perfect. I just moved in, so i was still getting used to the face that i was a ninja and that Sasuke was a bunch better than me. it all began like this..................The clock above the door ticked, counting the last 5 minuten of the period away. I just finished my Accuracy test, and i leaned back and waited for the others to finish. The Sensai collected my papers, and turned his back to the class. Now was my chance to Aim for Sasuke's head. I quietly unzipped my pouch and took out a Kunai. I aimed, and threw it at his papers. Then i picked up a...
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1. Glomp Kankuro and squeal “I wuv u big bwother!”
2. Go out with Keiko
3. Go out with Kaede
4. kruis his eyes and mumble “Chocolate monkeys are eating my brain…”
5. Fly around on his sand and do a little dance whil chanting “Me da Kazekage bitches ha-ha”
6. Ask Kiba to *butter his muffin*
7. Not die in Shippuuden
8. start talking like a prep
9. tryout for the Cheer team
10. Try to erase to rings around his eyes
11. become Orochimaru’s favoriete bitch
12. Try to bleach his hair door himself
13. decide that killing is not his purpose in life
14. Admit to himself that Temari is in fact his...
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posted by Minatonagato
Rikudo Kage
The Rikudo Kage has became the legend and was worshipped door ninja as a god. In Naruto Manga chapter 467 page 13, according to Uchiha Madara, the Rikudo Kage once saved the world from the 10-tailed beast called “Jubi.”
He sealed off the Jubi into his body and make use of the 10 tailed beast’s chakra.
He knew that the Jubi’s chakra was too great that it would break until the Jubi would be released and wreak havoc to the land. So, when he was dying, he divided the Jubi’s chakra into the 9 tailed beasts and disperse them into the land and then sealed its empty body and sent...
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{Data book info 1 part of naruto 2 end of the first part of naruto 3 shippuden}


Stats Databook
Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
First 3.5 1 2.5 2.5 1 2 4 3.5 20
Second 4.5 2 2.5 3.5 2 3 5 4 26.5
Third 5 2 3.5 4 2.53 5 4 29

Stats Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
First 3.5 1.5 1.5 2 2.5 2 2.5 3.5 19
Second 4 2.5 2 3.5 3 2 3.5 4 24.5
Third 4 3 2 3.5 3.52.5 4 4 26.5

Databook Ninjutsu Taijutsu Genjutsu Intelligence Strength Speed Stamina Hand seals Total
First 3 2.5...
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---a BLIND datum in the naruto world, LONG and DETAILED---
666 = Tobi

the number of Satan! 666!' u zei with a little smile. 'What the.. how did that gotted in there..' ' don't know that?' 'No, but ah it will be ok. YOUR datum WILL BE HERE AT 7 PM ' Sakura runned away, leaving u with the weird piece of paper. with the piece of paper still in your hand u went home, u threw the book from kakashi under your bed and searched for some clothes to wear. Finally u looked in the mirror seeing your hair in a ponytail, a black T-shirt, purple skinny jeans and black shoes. Just what u liked...
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DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own Naruto in any way. I only the characters I have made up.

Brandt's POV

I was sitting there bored out of my mind, I guess that's what I get for sleeping in trees all the time. Maybe I should get an apartment of something but, the cat in me can't help but be lured door the outdoors. I sniffed and smelled the heavy scent of dog and knew Grady and Komots was coming.

"Sup Grady?" I greet him as he opens the door. Komots stares at me before following Grady to sit down.

"I guess the teacher isn't here yet? I hope he and of she isn't like Kakashi and is constantly late for some reason."...
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Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Naruto. I own the characters I have created.

Brandt's POV

We walked into the room where we usual receive our missions and Naruto's group is being told about how missions are given. We turn in our mission meld and Naruto is saying he isn't a brat anymore and wants a real mission while acting like a brat.

I see the fat cat lady leave with the cat Toro and he is giving me a dirty look. "Man, does everybody have to go get that cat?" asks Grady beside me.

Brandt's Flashback

We found Toro and he wasn't coming easily so I turned into a cat to try and convince him "Meow!" (Get...
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 Naruto got the Sharingan :)
Naruto got the Sharingan :)

Lolol...Check it out!











Ok! Check em' out while u can! I looked through every single one up there, and they are ALL pretty good! i still can't believe that there is an artist out there singing for NARUTO! haha! narutatd's luck!
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Brandt's POV

I pass Naruto on my way out from giving the Hokage my form with my picture on it and Naruto looks like hes real proud of his clown picture. Shortly after that, I see konohamaru followed door his trainer. "Looks like its going to be an interesting day."

I watch Naruto walk out and hold my hand up saying "Hey." but he looks a little ticked for some reason. That reason sneaks out after him but I catch little Kono on the the shoulder "Hey if u want to follow him, use this." I say handing him the fence camouflage that Naruto used.

"Hey, thanks!" he says then runs off and uses it wrong...
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Brandt's POV

Engorou and Grady had found something in common to talk about for a few hours. Dogs. Different breeds around the world. Their favoriete their least favoriete and Engorou also took some time to examine Komots.

We were on a rickety old bridge when I decided enough was enough. I turned around quickly "Okay, if I hear one meer word about dogs and I swear I'll claw your tongues off." That got them but, while I was turned around I sensed a presence. "Move!"

A Kunai mes was thrown out of nowhere and snapped the rope on the side of the bridge that we were trying to get to. Grady grabs Engorou...
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Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Naruto.

Brandt's POV

We lay on the ground beaten to a pulp. I never saw this guy on the anime but, he is really strong and he controls those chakra tentacles of his perfectly. He didn't look like he was actually paying attention to us.

"I"m gonna feel this tomorrow." Grady moans.

"It wont matter if we fail this, we will have to go back to the academy." I say even though I never went through it before.

Bakoto looked up at the sky then back at us "You have about thirty-five minuten to get the piece before u fail."

That got me angry since he just assume we would fail. Even...
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posted by deathchick9
Lee ran to the abandoned Uchiha village.
"Sasuke Sasuke!!!!" Lee cried
Sasuke walked out of one of the buildings with his right wrist bleeding.
"Sasuke are u alright?" Lee asked
"Yes.Now why are u here?" Sasuke looked mad
"Gaara did something to Sakura they are....DATING..." Lee struggled to say
"What?!" Sasuke yelled
"Yes They are dating."
"We have to stop this!"
Lee and Sasuke went to see Sakura and Gaara on there datum they went to a Fancie restaurant.
"There they are." Lee zei to Sasuke
"I can see that ezel hole I'm not blind yet."
"Let us go."
"No.We wait till they come to us."
Sasuke and Lee waited...
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