NCIS Any new people interested in doing quizzes, games and more?

pippy40 posted on Jul 22, 2012 at 09:50PM
I joined recently and I noticed most of the questions from the quizzes are a few years old. I have been adding some lately but I am not even sure if they are new or not.

I am wondering if there are still a lot of active people on here that are interested in doing trivia, games, quizzes and anything else that would be fun related to NCIS?

I hope so! I love this show and would love to be more active and find others who want to be as well.

I cannot wait until the new season!

I hope to get a lot of feedback. Thanks!

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een jaar geleden pippy40 said…
big smile
I did not mean to say just new people....anybody still active on the site.