NCIS Final Tony episode

rukeith321 posted on May 19, 2016 at 06:46PM
Truly, a let down.They cold have left the door open for Ziva's survival.The show became weaker w/o her & now with Tony gone,there's not much reason to continue the show. Dr. Mallard is the only worthwhile character left,& He alone won't carry the program.Once Ziva enteered the team, the show actually became worth watching as tony alone was carrying the show.I've always wondered why they didn't title it "Superman 2.0" because of Giggs Superhuman feats [ highly non-credible].Even Jimmy Palmer was more entertaining.And Eleanor is just plain annoying.Is her sitting on the floor supposed to be cool or something? Without Ziva & now Tony, I have no doubdt NCIS will die a rapid, painfuless & deserving demise. keith321

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