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Eline_K posted on Jun 18, 2009 at 10:15AM
Hello everyone,

I was thinking that maybe we could try to get this amazing club up to 100 fans? 82 is very nice, but not very impressive, don't you think? So everyone, invite your friends, tell everyone you know about this cool club and help us get to those 100 fans!

Good luck!

Love, Eline

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een jaar geleden RomanticGirl said…
I agree with you. More is better. :) I'm now fan 84. But i will tell people i know about this club and invite them. Heres a good site of Noah also:

P.S ik ben ook van Nederland ;)

Kisses, Angela
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een jaar geleden Eline_K said…
Yes! We're already up to 94 fans! We're getting there! Just 6 more to go...
een jaar geleden Eline_K said…
Wow! Only one to go! Who will be lucky number 100...?
een jaar geleden Eline_K said…
big smile
Yeah! We've made it! 100 fans!!

Now let's see how much more we can get!
een jaar geleden backtoblack said…
At least 1000!
een jaar geleden Eline_K said…
big smile
Look at that! We are already at 108! Keep 'em coming!

By the way: I just got my Dedicated medal for this spot! I was so happy, I just wanted to share this good news with you guys!
een jaar geleden Eline_K said…
Nooo! We lost a fan...?!

Yesterday we were at 111, and now we're at 110...

How can you ever stop being a Noah fan?!
een jaar geleden Eline_K said…
big smile
Whoohoo! The missing fan is back!

(Or we've got a new one, anyway we're back at 111!)