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Noah Wyle Who are u most excited about coming back to ER for the final season?

30 fans picked:
Noah Wyle
George Clooney
All of them!!!
All of them!!!
(added by Mony-Black38)
Julianna Margulies
Anthony Edwards
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Eriq La Salle
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Alex Kingston
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 Eline_K posted een jaar geleden
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x5mp1xp1nx22x picked Noah Wyle:
clooney already said he wouldnt come back.
posted een jaar geleden.
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Eline_K picked George Clooney:
No, he is coming back! Check this: link and link
Lets hope the're right!
posted een jaar geleden.
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housecuddy4ever picked Julianna Margulies:
I know she might not even come back..and since Alex already came back <3
I love them for coming back.It brings tears into my eyes
posted een jaar geleden.