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Official News From Pledis:

NU'EST won't promote follow-up song "Introduce Me to Your Noona"

NU'EST will be releasing 4th Album Mid-June (Tentative)

뉴이스트 (NU’EST) L.O.Λ.E. TOUR
1. 6/7 Tokyo
2. 6/9 Nagoya
3. 6/22 Singapore
4. 7/21 Taiwan


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Aron : Hello

Aron : Bbuing Bbuing Bbuing

Aron : This is Arong

Fan : Aron oppa, do u like candy?

Aron : Candy nononono

Fan : Let’s do the chatting slowly

Aron : Do it quickly

Fan : Arong idiot

Aron : You’re idiot

Fan : Oppa what do u like?

Aron : u <3

Fan : Oppa do u know xxx (Fan’s name/nickname)

Aron : I know

Fan : Oppa Jjang!

Aron : Arong Jjang!

Fan : Oppa, the member who’s close to your ideal type?

Aron : Noneㅋㅋ

Fan : Oppa, the place u want to go the most?

Aron : I want to go to LAㅋㅋ

Aron : No

Aron : I want to go to your heartㅋㅋㅋ

Aron : Sorry ㅋㅋㅋ

Aron : Ppuing Ppuing

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n an artikel geplaatst door, explains the relationship between Baekho and senior labelmate, After School’s UEE. Read the artikel here:

“Rookie group NU’EST member Baekho is currently creating quite a buzz with his relationship with senior labelmate After School member UEE.

Baekho recently geplaatst on his me2day, “The Baekho (white tiger) jas picked for me door Uee noona! The jas is designed door Park Yoom Soo, one of the top, boven designers in Korea. Always so supportive Uee noona who even chooses our costumes! And I really like this jacket. Tthe white tiger looks cool!”

A bron from NU’EST’s agency stated, “After watching the performance of NU’EST, UEE herself recommends Baekho wear her outfit that she got for present, and she lent it to him. She zei the outfit would perfectly match him considering his name, performances and others.”
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