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posted by gissmiss21
hallo guys!

Well, here is a link to chapter 3


Make sure u check it out! Leave comments, questions, of anything like that below and I hope u like it! :)

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***CHAPTER 4***

Zayn: "Hey :)"

Elena: "I- I-"

Zayn: "It was nothing..."

Elena: "Hahaha, why do u keep having to save me? What's up with that? XD"

Zayn: "I don't know, I guess I'm always at the right place at the right time?"

Elena: "Yeah u are!"

Zayn: "So, what's this thing about Niall? I didn't wanna blow my cover at the time, so I acted ignorant..."

Elena: "He came back."

Zayn: "Ahh... man... I haven't talked to the boys in ages... not after... yeah..."

Elena: "I'm so sorry about him..."

Zayn: "Simon was a good man."

Elena: "Well I outta get ready to head home, Y/N is probably worried sick!"

Zayn: "But where is Niall?"

Elena: "Zayn... I really don't know."

Zayn: "You go check up on Y/N. I'll find Niall."

Elena: "Okay-"

Zayn: "okay- bye"

Elena: "WAIT!"

Zayn: "Yeah?"

Elena: "Thanks... I mean... really."

Zayn: "No problem :)"


Elena: "Y/N! Y/N!"

*slight laughter in the house*

Elena: "Y/N?"

*everything gets quiet.*

*Elena peeks in every room, and when she goes door your room-*

Elena: "LOUIS?"


Louis: "Oh... uhm..."

Elena: "Y/N. EXPLAIN."

Y/N: "Well, after I saw Niall...."

Louis: "Wait. I was just here because Niall came up to you!?!?!"


Louis: "Y/N."

Y/N: ".. there was no one else okay!"

Louis: "I'm sorry, I'll call u later."

Y/n: "But-.."

*exit Louis*

*Elena just stood there, looking at u with a disappointed look*

Y/N: "I'm not thinking straight okay?" she zei almost crying

Elena: "I know, I know."

Y/N: "All this in one month?!? WAY too much for me."

Elena: "I know. I know."


I have decided to end this fan fiction and start new... unless u want me to continue... commentaar below what u think. I think this story is just to wild and is really just too random... any thoughts?
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