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This is dedicated to one person. Song totally fits :D
Minato - God of Sun.

Shikaku - God of intelligence, smartness and brilliancy.

Shikamaru - God of wisdom, strategy and passionate sex.

Kiba - God of wildness and hot animal sex.

Naruto - God of light, will of fire, determination and loving sex.

Itachi - God of pride and brotherhood.

Neji - God of peace and calmness.

Asuma and Kakashi - Gods of war.

Sasuke – God of swords, brand and lightning.

Jiraya – God of frogs, perverts and drinks.

Gaara – God of killing and sand.

Kushina - Goddess of love, motherhood, women, hyperactivity and Mother Earth.

Yoshino - Goddess of strictness, home...
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The lijst of characters we would be :D. I didn't need Evil's help for explaining this time xD. But she did help me to pick who is who.

1. Naruto
Fair – Tsunade, Godaime Hokage
Evil – Temari
Hina – Hinata
Shel – Tenten
Aya – Sakura
Nara – Anko
jam – Itachi
Sudh - *Pick one and tell me who u want to be*

2. Disney Princesses
Fair – Ariel
Evil – Cinderella
Hina – Aurora
Shel – Snowwhite
Aya – Jasmine
Nara – Pocahontas
jam – Belle
Sudh – Mulan

3. Disney – none princesses
Fair – Peter Pan
Evil – Robin Hood
Hina – Lady
Shel – Dutch
Aya – Perdita
Nara – Simba
jam – Bambi
Sudh – Mowgli
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