Ouran High School Host Club OHSHC I.M RP!!

smileyAqua posted on Oct 16, 2012 at 05:17AM
Okay, this is basically like a chatroom, and if you want to join, just ask!!!! You can choose a character, and a username. I'll be.....Hikaru.


smileyAqua as Hikaru: THING_1
totolove as Haruhi: avoiding_lightning
demigod324 as Kaoru: Thing_2
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een jaar geleden totolove said…
i guess haruhi : avoiding_lightning ?
een jaar geleden demigod324 said…
Can I be Kaoru?....and i guees i'll be Thing_2
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een jaar geleden totolove said…
When do we start ?
een jaar geleden demigod324 said…
Do you wanna start now?
een jaar geleden totolove said…
If this goes on we're never gonna start ^^"
Wait ! smilyAqua hasn't even written on this what kind of person bales on something they started on ?
een jaar geleden demigod324 said…
I don't know, but since both of us are on now lets start
een jaar geleden smileyAqua said…
((Sorry, you guys! Fanpop hasn't been cooperating with me for at least a month! And I would prefer you don't talk about me behind my back... ANYWAY, LET'S GET STARTED! :>))


THING_1: Hey, this sucks! No one's online! Where's Kaoru?
een jaar geleden demigod324 said…
THING_2: hey Hikaru
een jaar geleden totolove said…
(( avoiding_lightning logged on ! Btw I haven't heard from you on rotg thing ! You've been left behind ! ))
avoiding_lightning : * enters host club room *