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Season 6, Episode 1: The Kids Are Alright
Original Air Date: 2 October 2002
During the summer, Pacey and Audrey rocked Los Angeles and spent time with her volgende door neighbors, the Osbournes, and Jack Osbourne even tags along with them to interview at Worthington. Jen spent her time in New York and got ecstatic to learn her parents are separating. Jack got dumped door Eric, but got over it. Joey spent her summer in Capeside doing a lot of reading, working and romancing. On their first week back at Boston baai, bay College, Jen is shocked to run into find that Grams Ryan has decided to go back to school....
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It was a beautiful spring morning in New York when Joey woke up to her apartment filled with roses she smiled while taking it all in. Out of no where she felt arms around her and heard a familiar voice say “What do u think?” then he kissed her neck in a familiar way. She then turned around kissed him and then asked smiling “What’s this all about?” Pacey responded with a smirk and zei “I have no idea what u are talking about.” Joey then snuggled with Pacey in silence after a short amount of time Pacey zei “I want u to get dressed and meet me at the pier in an hour.”...
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I am a dire Dawson's Creek fan. My favoriete couple from the very beginning was Pacey and Joey. People usually either love Dawson and Joey together of Pacey and Joey together. Dawson is a nice boy but he doesn't make Joey a better person like I think Pacey does. Joey helps make Pacey try harder to achieve his dreams and Pacey shows Joey she needs to loosen up and enjoy life more. They even each other out and look beautiful together. They needed one another and always found a way back to each other. I think it was a great decision to have Joey end up with Pacey in the season finale. Dawson was her soul mate but Pacey was her true love. This is just an opinion of a crazed fan.
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