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March 21, 2012
1628 hours

    Marlene invited Elizabeth for a walk through Central Park. Not wanting to be rude, Elizabeth accepted.

    “So what was it like? Being a nurse for all those people must’ve been hard work.”

    “Yeah, it got difficult sometimes. Especially when we had to break the news to the family when a loved one passed on.”

    “I can imagine. So you’ve never been married then?” Elizabeth looked sideways at her for a moment, knowing she had to lie.

    “Nope. Always...
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The penguins had been together for awhile but nothing prepared them for this. It was a cool, brisk spring morning, when they were training.
"Alright boys, let's act cute and cuddly for our guests." Skipper suggested rubbing his flippers together.
It seemed to begin as a normal day, but in an instant it changed. Toppling over something, Private noticed there was a letter and picked it up.
"Skippah, I found something here." Private zei anxiously.
"Kowalski, what do think?" Skipper questioned.
"It looks like a letter." Kowalski murmured examining the paper. Skipper shot Kowalski a "of course" look....
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Skipper kept a close eye on them. after about seven laps, he had begun to cool off. After he had some time to think about it, he started to feel like he was a little harsh on his men. He decided that once they passed him, he'd stop them to apologize. He never would have guessed he wouldn't get the chance.


She woke slowly, she realized she was somewhere inside, she couldn't feel the cold winter crisp on her cheeks. It was warmer here. At least she was warm until ice cold water landed in her face. She shook her head ans spat out water, then realized...
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posted by peacebaby7
Kowalski stormed into his lab. Skipper walked up to Private. "Just let him cool off. He's wouldn't hold a grudge on this for too long. How about we go for snow cones?" Private smiled. "Can I bring one for Kowalski? u a sorry?" Private asked his commanding officer. Skipper patted his back. "Sure." Rico, Skipper, and Private then left the lab for snow cones. They didn't even notice the intense purple glow coming from under the lab door as the left.


Private went to Kowalski's lab, snow cone in hand, and knocked. There was no reply. He spoke as he opened...
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posted by peacebaby7
Note: This is just supposed to be a conversation between all the animals. After I've completed, feel free to give suggestions for the continuing of the conversation. Lastly, I hope u enjoy it! :D

Skipper: "And the zoo's meeting will now come to order!"

KJ: "Oh smelly waterbird! I will have a fruit smoothie with mangoes, grapes, um... granaatappel and--"

Skipper: "Not that kind of order!"

KJ: "Well volgende time u will be making yourself meer clear! I was looking vooruit, voorwaarts to that smoothie..."

Mort: "I will make the smoothie!"

Skipper: "Can we just get on with the meeting please!"

KJ: "I am royalty! I...
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Outside Marlene's Habitat...

Kowalski: *whispering* "OK, Rico, NOW!"

Rico: *presses play button on boombox...*

Marlene: "...I really enjoy swimming, dancing, & going for walks. Oh, do u think I talk too much?"

Skipper: "No. I could listen to u talking al--What's that?"

Skipper/Marlene: *listen*

*soft romantic muziek can be heard being played*

Marlene: "Um, why is that muziek playing?"


Skipper: "Um, I dunno! Why don't I go check I'll be right back..." *runs quickly out of room*

Skipper: *whispering* "All right! Where are u all?"

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posted by peacebaby7
You may now kiss the bride...*Skipper & Marlene kiss*

*Skipper & Marlene run out of the Zoovenir koop holding hands & laughing*

Zoo Animals: "KISS! KISS! KISS!"

*Skipper & Marlene kiss once again"

Zoo Animals: "Awwwww!"

(????): "Skipper? Wake up!"

Skipper: "What?" *wakes up slowly*

Private/Kowalski/Rico: *standing around him*

Kowalski: "You really like Marlene don't you?"

Skipper: "Why do u ask?"

Kowalski: " were...sort of...kissing your pillow."

Skipper: D: "Um...Can we just pretend u didn't see that?"

Kowalski: "If it will make u meer comfortable."

Private: "Aye, Skipper."...
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posted by JayJay12
At the penguins' HQ...
King Julien:Hey,beautiful!
Cream:*rolls her eyes*Hey
Kowalski:What is it,Julien?
Rico:Rrrr...*coughs up his flame-thrower*
Private:Calm down,Rico
Rico:Okay*puts away weapon*
King Julien:I just wanted to see Cream,really
Skipper:Just don't bother her,Ringtail
Cream:Don't worry,Skipper.I'll be fine
Skipper:Well,if u say so *acts of lovey-dovey*
Cream:Tee-hee *acts lovey-dovey*
*Julien leaves*
Cream:Well,I have a meeting with Buck Rockgut.
See u guys later!
Kowalski:See u later,Cream
*room becomes silent*
Kowalski:...So you...
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posted by Metallica1147
Chapter 4

Private and Marlene paused and looked at Skipper. He saw the whole thing, he now knew about their secret love.

"Private. Explain, NOW!" Skipper barked.

"Skippa! It's hard to say this…but…" Private was too nervous to say anything.

"But what?" Skipper asked with his flippers folded.

"It's just that…" Private stopped mid-sentence.

"Me and Private love each other." Marlene zei bluntly.

Skipper couldn't believe his eyes. Private was too young. He couldn't believe his eyes.

"Private…you can't love Marlene. She's too older than you." Skipper said.

"Excuse me?" Marlene said.

"Skippa! I'm not...
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Lets see how Skipper and the gang solve this problem that Kowalski has been struck with...

“WOO HOO! I AM AWESOMNESS!” Kowalski screamed, running around in circles in the park. Kowalski suddenly flopped into a heap, and giggled.

“Oh, that was fun,” Kowalski muttered and stuffed meer candy into his beak. He reached into his bag to grab another flipperful, and gasped.

“SOMEONE ATE ALL MY CANDY! No wait that was me. That means I have to scold myself. How could u Kowalski!? I don’t...
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posted by Katie_Kat200
Chapter One is finished, here's Chapter 2. Finally, Kowalski goes sugar crazy! Lets see how this all unfolds *gets out popcorn*

Skipper woke up suddenly to an explosion. He looked at the clock. An explosion in Kowalski's lab? At 6:30 in the morning?

Another explosion. Kowalski usually isn't this bad… Skipper thought as he carefully made his way to the lab door. He heard maniacal laughter from behind the steel door.

"Oh great, he probably made himself evil," Skipper thought fearfully, opening the door very carefully....
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posted by Katie_Kat200
Yay! Moar story! Oh for those who are wondering, Kowalski doesn't get sugar rushed till chapter two... so yeah.... Anyway, I'll shut up and u just read :)

Night had fallen on Central Park Zoo. The other penguins had left on a silly little mission, and Skipper left Kowalski at the HQ. For whatever reason, Kowalski didn't know. He didn't want to try to get into Skipper's mind. He had matters of his own to work on. Kowalski was in his lab alone, trying to experiment some more. He was concentrating...
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Kowalski and the others rushed out of the H.Q. When they reached the zoo's exit. They stopped immediately. "Marlene, u can't go any farther." Kowalski sighed. "Okay, but tell Skipper…" Marlene stopped.
"Wha?" Rico asked.
"Nevermind, good luck!" Marlene said.
Kowalski nodded and led the others on. "Are we there yet?" Julien groaned. "DOES IT LOOK LIKE WE"RE THERE!" Kowalski shouted frustratedly.
Mort scurried behind King Julien's feet in hiding. "Wow," Rico zei stunned.
Kowalski realized that snapping at Julien won't solve anything. Lowering his head into his flippers, he signed. Rico patted...
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Skipper wasn't about to let Private go, and they both knew it. "Sorry, Private I just don't think you're ready to have a solo mission yet." Skipper sighed. "Why not?" Private pestered. "Number one, you're too young, and number two, u don't have enogh experience!" Skipper retorted. "Wait, u were the one who zei I was exendable. Why do u care?!" Private shouted offended. "Private, I do care. I just don't think this is the best idea." Skipper zei calmly. "I think my uncle Nigel knows what he's doing! [i]"More than u do, anyway."[i] Private remarked.
"What?" Skipper frustratedly bellowed....
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Note: This is the concluding chapter. I've really had a good time writing this fanfiction. Thanks to all of your awesome comments. After this I plan to post another one.

They all remained hugging, until Nigel realized a primary detail in their triumph missing. The Red eekhoorn had escaped! Only he was unoblivious to this.
S: "I'm so proud of you, Young Private. You're a hero."
P: "Well, I must have got that from you, Skippa. I'm sorry for arguing with you. Are u mad at me for running away?"
S: "No, Private u saved my life. How could I be mad at u for that, now?"
Private smiled an enormous...
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Private knew what he had to do. He crept forward. Infront of Skipper on the enormous riem were knives. Private ran as fast as he could and jumped to push Skipper off in time to save him, but it was too late to save himself. He was cut and flew into Skipper's direction infront of the leader.
S: "Private! Private, come on, say something!"
The little soldier was motionless. Skipper held him in his flippers tightly. He felt warm liquid running down his chest. It was blood! Nigel raced up.
N: "Oh no, Private boy, please wake up!"
Skipper didn't budge, just cried holding his son tightly. The convare...
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posted by legendary7
They tired and hungry, especially the lemurs who weren't used to walking so long.
Ma: "I'm beat. Can we stop for the night."
K: "Negative,"
The whole team was yawning. It was apparent they all needed rest.

It was dead silent for awhile.
P: "Help! Please some one!"
N: "I don't think anyone can hear u from in here, Private."
Private noticed Skipper groaning.
P: "Skipper, are u sure you're okay?"
S: "I have a major headache,"
N: "Wait, Skipper, did u say u were tired and dizzy before?"
S: "Yes, but why does that matter?"
N: "Did u get hit on your head?"
S: "Yeah, matter of fact I lost...
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posted by SJF_Penguin2
Note: For a while, I've had an idea about writing a short scene with the unseen "My car!" guy, whose car is frequently damaged of destroyed door the penguins. And today I have written such a scene. I hope u will enjoy it.


The man sighed and then dialed his cell phone. "Hi, I would like to file a claim for the damage my car sustained this morning," he zei when his call was answered door an agent at the auto insurance company.

"What is the nature of the damage to your vehicle, sir?" the agent asked.

"It's totaled. There was an explosion of some sort...
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posted by Bluepenguin
The flickering of a small lamp illuminates the penguins' faces, some filled with fear of excitement, and others, boredom. Skipper stands in the center of the ring of penguins, and holds an eerie flashlight to his face.

Skipper: Tonight, as u can tell, is horror night! So, who wants to go first?

Rico, Private, and Kowalski sit motionless.

Kowalski: Fine, I'll give it a go.

Kowalski stands up and takes the flashlight from Skipper.

Kowalski: Alright.... once, there was a scientist, and he decided to create an experiment...

Skipper raises his "eyebrow", knowing that Kowalski's story will be predictable....
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This is a parody of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Well, u probably already figured that out from the title. *sigh* Anyway, it’s told from Private’s perspective.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own POM of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. That was written door Judith Viorst. u should read it. u know, if u like picture boeken made for Kindergarteners.

I went to bed with vis in my mouth, but now there’s vis in my feathers and when I got out of my bunk, I missed the ladder and fell flat on my face. When I was washing up, my pinda Butter...
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