Percy Jackson Fan-Fiction Daughter of Kronos

sparkles3 posted on Jan 08, 2012 at 09:32PM
Rating: I'm not sure how that stuff works, but it should be ok 4 all readers. No swearing will be included, but it may have some confusing story lines and plot stuff.
Summary: Kronos has risen, and had a daughter with a mortal. Almost as soon as she was born, the gods took her to CHB. She has been raised to hate her father, just like any other demigod. Absolutely no one at camp knows who her father is, but they find it strange that she seems to be able to manipulate time. Suddenly, her dad claims her, and orders that a cabin be built just for her. She can't help but feel grateful to her father, until he captures her best friend. Then the gods order her to fight him and send back to Tartarus. Will she be able to?

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een jaar geleden sparkles3 said…
i hope everyone who reads this likes it. i will probably post every other day, if possible. im not sure what time, but it should normally be around 3:15-3:30. the first chapter will most likely be posted tomorrow, but if i have time today i will post. ENJOY!!

-sparkles3, daughter of Apollo
een jaar geleden sparkles3 said…
ok. here it goes. this is an intro to the story, some people might call it an epilogue. oh, and i forgot one thing. this takes place a few years after Percy gets back from Camp Jupiter. enjoy!
Chapter One: In The Beginning
Lia Min sat at a table with a man who had gold eyes. She held a baby girl in her hands. The girls name was Melody Min. Lia glanced at the man. Melody was his daughter, yet he didn't show the least bit of interest in her or Lia. She sighed. The man looked over,
"What is wrong? Do you wish for me to take the child into hiding with me until I have enough strength to take on the gods?" He asked. Lia shook her head. "Well than, I'm afraid I will have to go," The man said, "remember, she has all the time in the world." With that, he vanished, leaving a distraught Lia sobbing over her child. A sudden glow filled the room. Lia looked up in surprise, and disintegrated on the spot. Zeus watched her remains blow into the wind with a look of faint regret. He picked up the child and noticed an hourglass shaped pendant on a bronze chain wrapped around the girls neck. When Zeus went to undo it, a burning feeling made him jerk his hand back. He looked closer and saw exactly 16 grains of sand. One was in the bottom half, all the rest were at the top. He studied the pendant for a little while longer with a confused expression on his godly face. eventually, he vanished, and reappeared at Half-Blood Hill. He walked briskly to the Big House, and the baby screamed. About a dozen campers looked away from their daily activities, and knelt at once. Zeus motioned for them to stand and resume their activities. They all went back to what they had been doing, but many of them whispered things like, "Why would Zeus come all the way from Olympus just to deliver a baby?" and "Who do you think her mother or father is?" or "What is on her neck?" Zeus ignored these comments and continued to the Big House. Chiron opened the door as soon as Zeus stepped onto the porch. He took one look at the child and his face paled. Chiron and Zeus walked inside. Percy and Annabeth were sitting at the table and talking. They both stood and bowed when Zeus entered the room. He motioned for them to sit, and they did so right away. Percy whispered something to Annabeth and she shrugged. Chiron kept looking at the child, and Zeus cleared his throat rather loudly. All tree of them looked over at him.
"This girl is obviously a demigod, but her parent is unknown, for now." Zeus lied, he knew who the child's father was. He continued, however, "Her mother was foolish enough to watch my arrival, and was killed. The baby will need to stay here. Her name is Melody." Annabeth looked at the girl, concerned. "Where will she stay?" She asked.
"I was hoping that she could stay in the Big House until she is about 6, then she will stay in the Hermes cabin until she is claimed." Zeus explained. Chiron nodded. Zeus instructed them to close their eyes, and a flash of light lit the room. Once the glow faded, they all saw that Zeus had vanished. Everyone in the room looked at the girl with a mixture of fear and curiosity.
een jaar geleden sparkles3 said…
Chapter 2: Epicest(NOT)Birthday ever
I was sitting on my bunk in the Hermes cabin, talking to my best friend, Mark. Unlike him, I wasn't claimed. He was a son of Hermes. So we were talking a few days before my 16th birthday when all of a sudden, BANG, I'm in flashback land. It was my 12th birthday and everyone at the dining pavilion was staring at me. I thought I was going to be claimed, but had no idea who would claim me. I had been messing with my lucky necklace, a bronze hourglass on a leather cord. Looking closer, I had seen that 12 grains of sand were at the bottom, and 4 were at the top. I found that strange, but ignored it. Diner came and went, and not even a flicker or flash appeared above my head. 5 other people had been claimed that night, and it wasn't even their birthdays. I was starting to feel unwanted. Even a 5 year old had been claimed. It was absolutely unfair. I sulked back to the Hermes cabin and sat on my bunk, glaring at nothing, really. People tried to make me laugh, but it didn't work. I tried to read a book, but my dyslexia mixed with my anger made that impossible. I closed the book and stared at the wall some more.
And I'm snapping back to reality. I'm sitting in the Hermes cabin, talking to Mark. It was as if nothing had happened. I sighed and gazed at the one remaining grain of sand in the top half of my necklace.
'When will my life begin?' I thought desperately.
een jaar geleden Battalion said…
I like it. It's fairly interesting, and the writing isn't bad either. Whats the timeline for all of this?
een jaar geleden sparkles3 said…
in this, Percy and Annabeth are like, oldish, as in 37.