Percy Jackson Fan-Fiction The Destiny of Olympus

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i posted this somewhere ells but... this looked like a better place XD so its a random searies of events percy and the gang attend to. I HATE IT ITS MY WORST PEACE OF WORK YET!!!!!!!!!!!!! injoy XD

all the charactors go to RR the god of books ;) injoy abd try not to die of this bad plotted un wittey not funny slow pacing crap story ;) RANDOM PICTORE OF MY GRAN XD
 i geplaatst this somewhere ells but... this looked like a better place XD so its a random searies of eve

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Apollo's PoV

The 12 Olympian gods sat around the round table on Olympus in the throne room. I, the hottest god of them all sat next to my bigger then me sister, Artemis.
It felt good being a god, the power running through my body, heck I can't rememberer what its like being a mortal.
Zeus and Posiedon were acting like mortal children as usual, auguring over stuff like ' I have the most power fullest weapon ' and ' mum liked me best ' it drove me nuts, and I don't like nuts.
" why did you call a counsel, Zeus?" I pipped up. " its almost day time and I gotta ride the sun "
Zeus paused in mid sentence, looked at me and said " Athena's been kidnapped " there was mumbling among the gods until Zeus yelled " silence!" thunder rumbled. ten seconds later the throne room was dead quiet. " as you all know this has happened before " Zeus said calmly. twenty two eyes turned to Artemis including me.
" I wasn't missing I was well I wouldn't say kidnapped I'd say I was stolen " Artemis complained
" missing-kidnapped-stolen same thing " I said
" brother " Artemis yelled looking hurt.
" i'm just saying " I said.
" how do you know she was kidnapped " this was Posiedon.
" Athena wouldn't go anywhere without my permission, you know that don't you Posiedon?" Zeus said.
" yes Zeus " Posiedon mumbled.


I was at Goodie High keeping track on one very powerful Demigod. Grover and Annabeth should get here in two days. I called them because it looked like a monster was stalking her. everywhere she went it went. Her name is Kelly,Kelly Striker. she's ten years old and has blond hair and grey eyes. she looks fifteen years old though. anyway I think she is a daughter of Athena. she's an A+ student and I'm an D+ student. 
The monster that is stalking her looks like a Cyclops, but nothing like Tyson. This Cyclops had a red eye and yellowish blackish teeth. it was 3 meters tall and I think it was a boy. it was my English teacher, the reason I fail English. I think she can see that the English teacher is not a teacher. every time he passes her she drops her stuff and runs away. 
A day before Annabeth and Grover get here it was home time and I was walking to a taxi when the Cyclops steps in front of me and blocks my path. He smiles crookedly at me and says in a crocking voice " going somewhere MR Jackson?" and laughed. I wondered who taught him to speak. whoever did had an Italian accent.
" I need to get home " I said and side stepped him but he just pushed me back. the kids were going to there mums there buses there taxis " hey " I yelled " that’s my taxi " the kid just ignored me. now ill have to walk I thought. 
" what do you want with Kelly " I asked
" I need her Perseus Jackson and I’m going to get her " the Cyclops said. there were only two people left now Kelly and my step dad Paul blofis. 
" why do you need her?" I asked. 
" because she can stop my master " the Cyclops said.
" what master " a said getting confused.
" you have no idea what your up against Perseus Jackson. your camp will crumble to ash, the gods are week Perseus "
I got to warn camp I thought.
" don't bother telling camp you wont live that long " the Cyclops said as if reading my mind. just then he punched me in the neck I went flying but felt no pain. I landed on the road two hundred meters away and a car was coming towards me at what looked like 50 miles an hour. 
" Percy!" Paul yelled. I dived to the pavement just in time and uncapped Riptide. the car zoomed past me and I felt a breeze. I didn’t stay to admirer the breeze because the Cyclops was chasing Kelly. I ran over just in time to see Kelly stumble over a branch. she wasn't bleeding but her ankle was bent in a funny angle. the Cyclops was towering over her now laughing madly. the strange thing was is that roots seemed to be climbing up the Cyclopses big legs. and then I saw a blade slice through the Cyclopses belly. when I finally made it over all that was left of the Cyclops was dust and standing behind the dust pile..... was Annabeth and Grover. " your early " I said. 
" PPP-Percy!" Grover yelled and gave me a big bear hug.
" hi G-man " I said and high-fived grover
" grover sensed you were in danger, but you were fine back there " Annabeth said.
" I got flung back two hundred meters!"
" ye ye excuses excuses, common seaweed brain where's this half blood?" Annabeth said. we looked around and no one was there. 
" Kelly?" I yelled we waited... “Kelly?” I said louder and she came stumbling out of a tree. not like a tree nymph just from behind the tree. 
" who are you people?" she asked " is that monster gone?" 
" yes, yes it is Kelly, is Kelly your name?" Annabeth said calmly.
" ye-yes " Kelly stuttered. 
" Where going to take you to camp half blood now OK?" Annabeh said while me and grover just stud there starring at the ground. 
" what’s camp half blood?" Kelly asked.
" its a school for people like you and me " Annabeth explained about the cool stuff you can do at camp half blood and who she is while me and Grover played rock paper and Scissors.
when Annabeth was done Kelly was bright eyed and excited 
" I hope I'm a daughter of Athena!" Kelly said beaming at Annabeth. "who are you " Kelly pointed at me " Kelly, I’m Percy, Percy Jackson " I said slowly " we go to the same school together."
" I mean who's your parent " she said 
" my dads Posiedon " I said
" wow " she exclaimed " and yours?" she pointed at grover.
" well young girl, I’m a satyr and satyrs don't have a godly parent " grover explained what a satyr was while me and Annabeth sent an iris message to camp from the steam room. Chiron was in his wheel chair form drinking coffee outside the big house.
" was your mission a success?" Chiron asked 
" yes Chiron " I said " bring David with the chariots to collect us " 
" OK Percy I shell get David " and waved his hand across the iris message and he was gone.
" what was that " Kelly said, her face overwhelming with excitement. Grover had taken his fake feet off. 
" Grover put your feet on " 
" I washed them this morning though " Grover complained as he put his fake feet on. 15 minutes later David arrived with the chariot pulled by Pegasus. David was 11 years old and has sandy blond hair and blue eyes. he was the son of Hermes.
" need a ride?" David said eyeing the monster dust.
" there beautiful " Kelly beamed.
" hop in the ride "
" what about Paul " I said as Paul came running over. 
" ill walk home Percy you go to camp ill tell Sally "
" OK, bye Paul" I watch Paul jog out of the school yard until he was gone around the conner. 
as I stepped in the chariot Annabeth grabbed my arm and said " we need to talk, meet me at the big house with Chiron when we get back " and with that she pushed past me into the chariot and I stumbled on after her
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